How to close port 23 (telnet) on Cisco 800 router

I'm sure this is an easy one for router jocks, but I'm the new owner of a Cisco 804, and the port test at keeps telling me that my telnet (23) port is open.  Have tried numerous fixes from the manual and off the web to no avail.  I'm accessing the router through the serial monitor.  Router password has been changed and "supersecreted".  Should I worry?  If so, any tips for how to close the damn thing?

One would think they could find such info in the docs/on Cisco website, but no joy.

Thanks a bunch.
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To completely turn off telnet access:

line vty 0 4
  transport input none

To allow local network traffic only:

line vty 0 4
  access-class 10 in

access-list 10 permit          (substitute your local net...)


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cybernosAuthor Commented:

Thanks dude.  That worked like a charm.
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