Windows XP Internet Upload Slow and Down

Here is a strange problem that I'm having with a Windows XP workstation.  First, some notes:

1.  Internet download is fast, so I can surf the web fine.
2.  Internet upload and download within the LAN is fine, so I can send data fine.
3.  Internet UPLOAD to INTERNET sites and ONLY Internet site is SLOW or DOWN.
4.  Other computers on the same LAN is fine with download and upload.
5.  Changing to another working network card does not solve the problem.

This is a Dell machine with Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1.
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Have you run any Spyware removal tools?
surbitAuthor Commented:
Yes.  This problem is not a simple one.  Also, remember, spyware usually decreases download speed as well.  The download speed on the computer is fine and fast.  The strangest part of this problem is that upload is fine and fast within the LAN, but not outside.  There is no software firewall and the hardware firewall is working 100% fine since other computers have no issues.
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Is there any possibility you can hook this machine up directly to your internet connection to test the upload?

Can you tell us more about your network?  Is this a wired, wireless lan?  What type of cards, router, internet connection...ect are you running?
What software and driver versions are you using for your router, card..Is there anything that differs about this computer that is outstanding in your mind?
You mentioned that you switched the lan card and that didnt help, have you taken the card in that problem machine and put it into another and tried it?

surbitAuthor Commented:
It is a wired LAN.  The NIC is an Intel Pro.  Connection is T1.  Cisco Firewall.  Remember, all the other computers work normally on the LAN and Internet.  The problem computer works flawlessly within the LAN.  Transmission is 100% with no packet loss in the LAN.  However, the problem is when this computer tries to UPLOAD to the Internet.  It is slow and times out.  Again, it is not the firewall, because all the other computer work 100%.  It is not the NIC because it's been swapped.  The problem is isolated to this machine.
actually lot of possibility for slow explorer, i am telling you some suggestion try to do this -
    1) may be big temp file present in your system so do this -
        start - program - accessories - sysem tools - disk cleanep ( run this it takes some times because you have used 34 GB so do not select all the check box at a time run it in 2 part. run on system drive )
   2) also defrag your drive -
       start - program - accessories - system tools - disk defragment
   3) check your software, if you find any useless program such as search assistant, google search or anything else uninstall it.
      start - setting - control pannel - add remove program - and select your useless program then click on remove.
   4) also check your explorer for error.
     start - program - accessories - system tools - system information - tools - check internet explorer ( but this feature not present in every operating system )
    5) set your explorer home page to about blank and run this tools.
      RepairDefaultPrefix.reg <>
   Restart your computer

After this if your explorer performance will not improve, it means either you have installed some heavy package in your computer like - photoshop, coral, graphic or 3 - d games which slow down the computer if its not true then your computer have some memory problem or virus problem.

Presently Worm_sasser virus badily affect the xp system so its advice download its patch and removing tools from microsoft side and install in your computer also upgrade your computer with latest service pack.

     if your performance will not improve and  send me details of your computer like software , anti virus - ram - os.

(Network Engineer)
The only other thing I can think of is MTU settings on that machine have gotten messed up, but I have never seen that cause a problem with uploads and not downloads.

There are a few utilities on the internet available to set MTU Size,  just pick your favorite and reset it to windows default.  1492 I believe.
Other than that, out of ideas.  Sorry I couldnt help more. :)
surbitAuthor Commented:
Yeah, already tried resetting the MTU as well.  Again, I need to know of all possibilities that affect UPLOAD to the INTERNET and UPLOAD only.  Download is fine.
surbitAuthor Commented:
I've even switch the computer to another LAN in a different office.  Right now the computer is at my home LAN. Same problem.
surbitAuthor Commented:
Okay guys, here's what I did, in no particular order:

1.  Upgraded to Service Pack 2
2.  Swapped network cable (I left the cable attached to the computer when I took the machine home)
3.  Swapped keyboard and mouse (I used the same keyboard and mouse when I took this machine home)
4.  Unplugged the HP scanner (this scanner was brought home as well)
5.  I'm at my home LAN with cable (the office had a T1)
6.  The computer was cold-booted after changing the MTU settings.

One of these solved the problem.  The points will be rewarded to the person identifying the correct action(s) that fixed it.  You must also state why the action(s) fixed it.  I will reward the points to the first correct answer tomorrow.  Thanks for all the attempts.  
Best guess is:
2.  Swapped network cable (I left the cable attached to the computer when I took the machine home)

It's VERY possible that the twisted pair in cat5 for upstream is faulty, when the twisted pair for downstream is not.  There are 5 major fault lines in this scenerio.   Plug leads on both ends, plug wires to leads on both ends and the wires themselves.

I'm really glad you got it fixed, and am anxious to hear the answer regardless of who gets the points.  If it's not one of the obvious ones, can you give us your best guess on "why" it fixed it?
Syware !............Try to use a good spyware remover like  Ad-aware

Clear DNS cache  start > RUN > CMD > ipconfig/flushdns .

check the letse drivers for u  r Lan card ..........

any firewall in u r System ???
surbitAuthor Commented:
Argh!!!  This is horrible.

I brought the computer back to the office and it's now not working!  Damn!

So it seems as though this computer does NOT work well in the office's T1 network.

When I plug this computer directly into the router outside the firewall, it does upload.  But the upload is at 0.6Mbps.  However, the other computers upload at 1.2-1.4Mbps.

So it also uploads at home, but not inside the office's network.  When the office was using a DSL, and on the same firewall, this machine uploads as well, but still not as fast.

The office has a Cisco 501 Firewall, connected to two new Catalyst 2950 switches.  All the other Dell Dimensions work fine in the network.  Back to square one.

Anyone have any other suggestions?
surbitAuthor Commented:

After more testing, the problem is now solved.  There is a Checkpoint VPN software installed on the computer.  The VPN software is binded to the network adapter.  When the VPN is on, there is a security policy that prevents any outgoing connection to the Internet.  The VPN connection is ON only when the computer is in the office network with an IP matching the 192.168.1.X subnet.  That explains why it works at home and outside the firewall.  This was a painful one.

However, there is still one slight problem.  The upload on all the other computers to the Internet is running at 1.2-1.4Mpbs.  This computer is still uploading only at 0.6 to 0.7Mbps.  If anyone can help me increase the upload speed on this computer, I will reward the points.  It might have to do something with the Checkpoint VPN software.  The download is 100% fine from the Internet.
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