Recover file after reformat is done

Reformatted and reinstalled windows XP but need data from last partition.  I only need one file, but it is a Quickbooks file.
Thank for your help
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complexymetronConnect With a Mentor Commented:

> IT MAY STILL BE THERE, when you format or delete some thing windows
> keeps it on the hard drive putting a 1 in binary in front of the file to say
> can be writen over or not there. It might still be there

Not exactly correct. You described a process like FAT deleted files. But with formatting its even simpler, because the OS doesn't do anything when foramtting except for writing the needed header files onto the partition and checks every sector (when not Quick Formatting)  - so the data doesn't get touched at all.

But in the essence you're right: there might be a way to retrieve the data. If the mentioned programs fail, try the software from They have free, full working trials.
IT MAY STILL BE THERE, when you format or delete some thing windows keeps it on the hard drive putting a 1 in binary in front of the file to say can be writen over or not there. It might still be there
Try not to put anything more on until you have attempted recovering it

download active undelete, install and do a full scan and look for your file. It can be downloaded from
It will be a demo, demo can recover files up to 64 kb.
Below are some more programs for recovering deleted files.
I used it and it worked for me when i accidetly deleted files.

easy recovery
or there,

To prevent it happening again i suggest Norton go back.
If something goes wrong you can go back to an earlier time.
Or just recover indavidual files.
Recovery programs dont always work because some times the data is overwriten

I hope it works for you.

Below may help recover it if you DONT DO WHAT IS BELOW
For anyone who wants to make sure something cant be recovered
format your hard drive a lot of times (a goverment format is where you format it about 11 times)
I want to make empahsis on this once more: Don't write anything to the drive - you might overwrite your old data.
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look for a program trial/similar to tune up utilities 2004,, that program not only recovers data there are LOTS of utilities there for your pc!
If you've written anything to the harddrive at all, you've lost the data...


pegasys is wrong if you have written over it you have lost it but you might be luck and you may not of written over it yet
rnrcpuservicesAuthor Commented:
I am trying the runtime, and the active undelete right now
I just accidenly deleted all my macros that i worked hard on but luckly i could use go back.
I recovered them.
I realy recomend a program like go back so that when this type of thing happens you go back.
try to scan everywhere possible

Local drives
Local disk (C:)

local devices
-hard drive (80h)

(c:) and (80h) may vary
Do a advanced scan
Use Bad copy Pro
Did it work?

You should at least be able to recover some of the files
rnrcpuservicesAuthor Commented:
Thank you for all your help, but the runtime did it again, I wanted to use it but I wasn't positive it would look under the format that I created.  I knew there was a way I just didn't want to pay an obscene amount of money for the software.  I already owned runtime, but of course I wanted to run it by experts exchange first.
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