I Can't Get Monsetup.exe to Run...Trying to install a Samsung Monitor

I just reformatted my hard drive (Windows ME).   I'm now attempting to install a LCD Monitor with the software that came with the monitor.  When I attempt to run monsetup.exe I get an error messeage:

Monsetup has caused an error in DIRAPI.DLL.
Monsetup will now close              
If you continue to experience problems,
Try restarting your computer

So I restart my computer, and I get the same thing.  Any ideas...?  I can only view the monitor in 640X480 with 16 Colors at this point.


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markoidwilsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Maybe try this from suggestion from MS http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;302396
Not exactly the same error but its the same dll causing the issue.
You might not need to run monsetup.

Have you tried changing the resolution?  Here is how to do it:
1.) Right click on the desktop screen.
2.) Choose "Properties"
3.) Click the "Settings" tab
4.) Below the middle of the window, you should see "Screen Resolution"
5.) Move the pointer to the right to increase resolution
6.) Click OK or Apply to test it out

There are other settings you can try too.  

Good luck.
goodallknightAuthor Commented:
I already tried that...It will not allow me to go past 640X480...I cannot change the settings....
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goodallknightAuthor Commented:
I did that too....Thanks for your help.  I really do apprciate any thoughts/ideas anyone may have to assist me.
It sounds like your Video Driver isn't installed or working correctly. The monitor driver wont do anything if your Video Drivers arn't in and working. What Vid card do you have?
goodallknightAuthor Commented:
Oh...thank you...That might be it....I just formatted my hard drive...How do I find out what video card I have?
Download and install Everest Home Edition and it will scan you computer and tell you which card you have installed.  Look under the "Video" tab once you install it.

Get it here:

I would just take the case off and look at the sticker or if there is no sticker it should be written somewhere on the card what it is. Just post it on here. If it's onboard then find the model of the motherboard and post that.
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