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Posted on 2004-09-18
Last Modified: 2010-03-18

this site has been very helpful.

i have now a working router that shares my cable internet connection to a linux mandrake 10 computer and a windows xp laptop. I would like to be able to share files between the two.

what would be the first step to accomplishing this?

i've tried to plug in ip's into the address bar's of browsers and no dice.

i've tried to ftp over to my linux computer but  i get a username and password error tried all combinations that i know of

thanks in adv,

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mike you can share some files just copiing them usinf putty.exe that is the simples way or you cand rau samba servise which will alow you share linux resources for windows. but putty.exe is easy.
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sorry putty.exe is secure schell this allows you configure your system from windows for copy filese download pscp.exe

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copy file txt.txt from windows. Save file pscp.exe to c:\ or whre is that file which you want copy

pscp txt.txt root@    

you schould by ask for yes answer:))
hre you copied file to yur root directory.

copy file from linux.txt from your linux box

pscp root@ c:\

here you copied file from linux root directory to c:\ on your windows

all this commands you will do form command promt from your windows make sure that pscp.exe is in your path otherwise command wil be not found.

also you can copy whole direcotries and you can use globing such us * to match everything.


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ok, got access to my linux computer from windows.

how do i copy a file from linux to winxp and how do i specify where i want to copy it to?

what do i type in putty.exe in order to take example_file.gif  to my winxp computer?

i know in linux you type

cp example_file.gif  /directory

and the file is copied


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ID: 12090830

or use graphycal pscp if you like:)))
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ID: 12090845
see above I made mistake with putty.exe you are just administrating your linux box from everive on your network or if you have server on internet from everywhere from tho world(thats why is goot no rely on command promt not on GUI)

see my small manual regarding pscp.exe above for copy files between windows and linux
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ID: 12090868
here is syntax:

PuTTY Secure Copy client
Release 0.55
Usage: pscp [options] [user@]host:source target
       pscp [options] source [source...] [user@]host:target
       pscp [options] -ls [user@]host:filespec
  -p        preserve file attributes
  -q        quiet, don't show statistics
  -r        copy directories recursively
  -v        show verbose messages
  -load sessname  Load settings from saved session
  -P port   connect to specified port
  -l user   connect with specified username
  -pw passw login with specified password
  -1 -2     force use of particular SSH protocol version
  -C        enable compression
  -i key    private key file for authentication
  -batch    disable all interactive prompts
  -unsafe   allow server-side wildcards (DANGEROUS)
  -V        print version information
  -sftp     force use of SFTP protocol
  -scp      force use of SCP protocol

so for copy copy whole directories use -r option


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ID: 12090881
plz give an example of what i would type exactly?

like cp example_filename.gif /whatevr comes next

i would like to , for example, take a file from one directory on linux and put it on c:\

what would i type exactly?
you see my problem, windows has one set of commands and linux another

if i were to do it in windows i would just type :

copy file.txt c:/windows

or whatever but now we are using two different sets of commands

so i can't mix them up, right? i can't just type cp file.txt c:\windows ?
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ID: 12090901

now instead copy you ar using pscp command :
 syntax is simple command what and where
root@           ->now it is root directory but you can modify it.
so whole command is:
pscp txt.txt root@
here you copy file from windows to linux
oposite now:
syntax is same  command what where
so whole command is:
pspc root@ c:\
here you copy file from linux /root to c:\ on windows

this is just exmaple you can change what and where depends of your needs.

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ID: 12090925
in case I need to say that now do not use putty.exe it has nothing to do with things what we are doing now.

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Accepted Solution

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also have a look here:

I must go now....


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