localhost problems on lan

Hiya. I am trying to get IIS running on my machine, but it seems to have been affected by networking the machine.

It is running Win XP Pro.
I connect to a router, giving me an ADSL connection; however I want to test websites locally. All that happens when I try localhost or is that a blank page loads up, or the operation times out. inetmgr recognises that the website is running, but still no luck.

The router is a mentor adsl one 4 port, and my machine is connecting fine to the internet.

Any help gratefully appreciated.
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Ryan ChongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
See how to setup IIS on your pc:

Else backup your files, if necessary and reinstall IIS, good luck.
Ryan ChongCommented:
IIS Should able to run without Internet connection, it may be your IIS configuration problem.

Can you view the IIS Start Page when browsing to or http://localhost ?

Are you trying to view an ASP page? What if you try .html file, is that same problem occurred?

Are you sure IIS is running properly?  See if you can browse by the IIS server's computer name or IP address (on both the server machine and networked machines).

Have you uploaded a simple html default page to the website root directory?  Make sure you have configured your website to user it  (go to Internet Services Manager, right click your website and select Properties - under the 'Documents' tab, make sure the 'Enable Default Document' box is checked and make sure your test document - whatever you've called it, index.html, default.htm - appears at the top of the list in the text box below).
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gilescareyAuthor Commented:
Cant get iis start page up, there are no errors, just it says done but nothing appears....

Neither / localhost work.

Have tried to view html page to no avail.

Any other suggestions?
Ryan ChongCommented:
Make sure your IIS Admin service is running?
gilescareyAuthor Commented:
yeah, running fine, no problems reported in inetmgr
gilescareyAuthor Commented:
have already reinstalled iis. But still no luck. I'm thinking it could be a problem with the router interferring, but would this affect localhost and stop me viewing asp pages. I don't need to run a server, just test my files locally.
KoldFuzunConnect With a Mentor Commented:
check your lmhosts and hosts files and make sure that the entires for or locahost have not been changed by spyware.

can you ping localhost? if so what does it resolve to? Can you ping
humeniukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm not sure how the router could interfere if you're working on the server machine itself.  Are you using static IP addressing or DHCP?  You could try disconnecting the router to test access, but I'd be surprised if that made a difference.  Are you running a local firewall of any kind (ie. ZoneAlarm)?  Is the WinXP firewall disabled?  Is XP Service Pack 2 installed?
gilescareyAuthor Commented:
Cheers all for help, none of the suggestions wer strictly right but they helped.

Have split points accordingly based upon level of assistance.

All I did was reenable netbios in network connections and then suddenly it all sorted itself out. The ywere installed, just not enabled. Very odd, but oh well.

Thanks one and all for help.

Glad to hear you're back on track.  Good luck.
that is interesting. I wonder why it wouldn't respond to even if NetBIOS wasnt enabled?
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