change httpreferer on internet explorer

Hello Experts,

I log in into a webpage, it sets session cookie with session id, username and password.
I need to post some data to script with specified httpreferer.


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ahoffmannConnect With a Mentor Commented:
either use a proxy, or perl with LWP, or wget, or lynx, or ..
_GeG_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
there are a lot of spoof programs out there, do a google for quickspoof or zspoof or dspoof
ccskingAuthor Commented:
GeG  could you suggest one?
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sorry, no. I don't use them, and I don't know which of these supports post.
If you have access to a server, some 5 lines PHP might help you :D
hmm, I simply use mozilla, firebird, opera, lynx, ... they all can spoof by default or with using plug-ins
but the title says IE :-(
just out of curiosity, how do you do it with opera?
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