No POST no Beep codes, no display - HELP!!

System: Gigagbyte GA8IPE1000-Pro
            1GB Kingston P3200 DDR ram
            ATI Radeon 9600 Pro
            Creative Audigy 2
            Seagate Barracuda 200GB SATA drive
            400w PSU
            Win XP Pro

Hi All,

i recently bought a new SATA drive, i'm starting Uni and so i thought i'd get the extra space, heopfully to last me the duration of my course. However, after a number of problems namely the drive corrupting itself i looked online and discovered XP wouldn't recognise drives over 137GB unless i had SP1 or above, it was also recommended that i upgrade my bios. After installing SP2 i though that that would be it, however the following morning it failed to boot and i got the old BSOD a couple of times after each re-boot. Following this i re-formatted the drive as 2 x 100GB partitions, re-installed XP and all my device drivers then downloaded a bios update hopefully to solve the problem. I flashed using @bios a windows utility provided with the MoBo, it prompted me to back up the bios which i did, although my board has a dual bios which i assumed would act as a failsafe. following the flashing i was prompted to re-start, it being a windows program and all. Since then all i get is a no signal message on my monitor, no beeps and no apparent HDD activity. I opened my case to see if i could see anythong noticeable - nothing. All the fans spin, LEDs are on, CD-RW (not mentioned above) seems to have power - the tray opens and closes, floppy drive (not mentioned above) light stays on.

Using a borrowed, and unused MoBo i transferred all my parts across, expecting to need to buy a new one and cursing my actions. Still nothing. As the question title says, i get no beep codes or anything from either board, what's wrong? anybody any ideas i've not aclue at this juncture, i start my Computer Science BSc on Monday and urgently need my machine working. I expect to have to buy something i just want to narrow it down - i really did expect it to be the MoBo.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, although i have to travel to use a PC with internet access on, not far mind but i might not be able to respond to further queries quickly.


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JustinByromConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Thinking about it, I have had the same problem once before and it turned out to be the PSU.

Try using the PSU from the desktop that the second mobo came from.
Try starting both MoBo's with only RAM and Graphics adapter plugged in, don't forget to plug in the PC internal Speaker...and check that the Memory and CPU are sitting well in their places.

If that does'nt work for either MB's try getting another dispaly card, and check again.

At this point I think one (or both) MB's should respond.

If your original MB does'nt respon at that point you should replace it.

If it works, connect one device at a time till you see what causes the lockup.
Your first motherboard may have had a bad flash and ceased working; your second motherboard may have been installed incorrectly.  Take it out of the case, because it may be shorting, and put it on a piece of wood or a cardboard box.  Reset the CMOS, because you changed cpus.  See if it will boot at this point.
I could be simply re-stating what zvitam states, but when he says '... with only RAM and Graphics adapter plugged in', you should take that as literal.

Unplug all drives from the mobo, and leave just the PSU, graphics adapter and RAM.  It should get as far as looking for a disk to load an OS from, at which point you should get an 'INSERT SYSTEM DISK ...' message.
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