Is there any good tutorial that can let me know how to assemble a PC from scratch.I have some knowledge of S/W but not very clear about H/W. Never fitted anything on my own PC with my own bare hands.
Thanks in advance.
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How to Build a Computer System or PC - Assemble the Computer

Building a PC - the illustrated guide
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Date: 1/23/2003 8:01:05 PM Pacific Standard Time

1) Assemble PC Question

     Mr. Flatterhty asks - When you build or rebuild a PC do you put
     in all the parts and then start it up or is there a better way?

     *** When I build or rebuild a PC I start with the motherboard,
     RAM, CPU and fan, and video card. I connect a keyboard then turn
     it on and see if I get video and that one beep on POST you want
     to hear. This way if there is a POSTing problem I can
     troubleshoot with the minimum number of components to worry

     Second step is to add your hard drives, floppy, and CDrom. I put
     a bootdisk in to see if it works and set the BIOS settings the
     way I want to or need to. I often will install Windows at this

     Third step is once you see Windows is working no problem is
     shutting down and adding your additional cards, if any. With
     onboard "cards" this may already have been done including driver
     installs. If I do have to add additional cards like sound or
     modem I often do so one at a time which makes it easy to install
     drivers from the included disks, if required.

     Sometimes, or should I say very often when rebuilding a PC, this
     method will let you know what card, disk, or mobo slot may have
     gone bad or is on its way out. Or, if you are building a new
     system from an array of parts you purchased on the Internet, this
     method will let you know if you have an incompatibility problem
     with a certain card or a problem with the onboard "cards". The
     "problem" may simply be that you need updated drivers or to save
     time and frustration, a new card.


LANGALIST  11-20-2003

Do-it-yourself tasks are always much easier if you have clear, illustrated guides to help you along. Plus! reader Gary Petersen found some great ones. He used them to help him build an entire AMD-based PC, but you also can use them to assist working on smaller tasks, too:
I decided to ignore your advice <g> about buying a white box PC and build one myself. I'm comfortable with all of the assembly except for assembling the heatsink and cooling fan to the CPU and the CPU to the motherboard. The last time I did that, CPUs were slow and cool enough that they didn't need much of anything special for cooling. Just slap a fan on and go.
AMD has what looks to be a great collection of resource videos and installation guides for designing and building computer systems with their CPUs.
The processor and heatsink installation videos are in Windows Media [or RealPlayer] format and include the following titles. Each are one to two minutes long:
- Processor Installation
- Heatsink Selection
- Heatsink Installation
- Heatsink Removal & Re-Use
- Thermal Pad or Paste?
The build and installation guides ( ) are in PDF format and include these titles:
- Builders Guide for Desktop/Tower Systems
- AMD Thermal, Mechanical, and Chassis Cooling Design Guide
- Socket A AMD Processor and Heatsink Installation Guide
- One Page AMD Athlon and AMD Duron Processor-Based System Build Checklist
- AMD Athlon Processor System Cooling Guidelines
- FAQs and Recommendations for an AMD Athlon Processor-Based Computer
These look to be a very good start to helping me understand what I need to do. Perhaps they will be useful to your readers as well. Thanks, Gary Petersen

BDBushConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here are a few good sites you may want to check out:

Hope those help you out!
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XSINUXConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Building a PC for Dummies, Fourth Edition

This Book is Good for a Starters and Intermediates... Unless u would like to make some of your own hardware interface and Modifications on the assembling PC.

THis is also a good site.
before you build your a pc know first what would the pc would do, (game pc setup is different from Cad setup, which both differs from a work setup) what applications would you install. Tell me the setup and i will teach you what are the best for a setup
Assembling the PC is the easy part of the process.

Deciding on what components to select for your machine is the hard part.
Will the parts you select work together?
Will they provide the function you are looking for?
Can you do this and stay under your budget?

I encourage you to go through with the project.  You will learn, even if you don't save $$$.

I suggest reading this article.
about a newbie building a machine for the first time.    It takes you through a lot of the decision process about selecting components and the site has lots of additional resources.

hey perfect,

have fun with this...I am looking for videot tutorial...give me a day or two :)

Good luck bud! building Pc's is my best hobby of all
Used to be, you could save a lot of money building your own. These days it's cheaper to buy an emachine.  I can't even buy the parts for what they charge for an assembled machine.  It's easy, if you want to try it.  Have fun!
it depends on the location some sell cheap parts what is important is you are satisfied on what you get from the machine
Be under no illusion, the chances are, you will not save any money by building it yourself. You will learn a lot and no doubt feel a sense of pride when it works, but don't do it to save money - you won't. Mind you I did it and it was fun but then I'm a sucker for punishment...
I hope this will help, What ever tutorial u get


before starting assembling ur PC
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