STP configuration for VLANs.

When you configure the STP protocol in your switch, are you configuring it for all VLANs simultaenously or just the default VLAN 1?

I asked this question because I saw this:

2924(config)#spanning-tree ?
  forward-time  Set a Spanning Tree FORWARD Interval
  hello-time    Set a Spanning Tree HELLO Interval
  max-age       Set a Spanning Tree MAX AGE Interval
  portfast      Allow a change from blocking to forwarding
  priority      Set a Spanning Tree Priority
  protocol      Spanning tree protocol type
  uplinkfast    Enable UplinkFast Feature
  vlan          VLAN Switch Spanning Trees   <-------------Saw this


Thanks guys
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As long as you are in global config, you are making global changes.
If you go into vlan, then the changes are specific to the vlan.

C3550(config)#spanning-tree vlan ?
  WORD  vlan range, example: 1,3-5,7,9-11

C3550(config)#spanning-tree vlan 2 ?
  forward-time  Set the forward delay for the spanning tree
  hello-time    Set the hello interval for the spanning tree
  max-age       Set the max age interval for the spanning tree
  priority      Set the bridge priority for the spanning tree
  root          Configure switch as root

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Thanks man
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