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I use Win XP Pro* and RAS monitor software. It's a dial-up connection. When I connect to the internet the software has one of this line " 601: Invalid port handle detected ". My modem software has a testing tool and when used it gives the results as fallows:
(1) Modem test ----------- ok
(2) Line detection----------ok
(3) Dial tone detection---- fail
(4)Dialing test--------------ok
I also get some disturbance when the modem speaker is turned on. Sometimes I connect to the internet and sooner or later it would connect but the data transfer wiould be almost zero. I refered to the error causes in the modem software and found that the only error can be wrong country selection or non standard dial tone. I am from India and I always set the country to India but I observed that sometimes the country changes to USA without my intervention! I get this error even after fresh installation and this modem with modem testing software is my new modem. What are serial ports and parallel ports? Can it be the mother board fault? Disgustingly this error happened even while I was typing this question. Please prioratize this question!? I got a nice punch from the computer weirdos ...they always steal my money. I have got only 20 points for this. Sorry.
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When you are disconnected during an elevated activity of you processor, it might be due to the following reason:

Most of the internal modems today are the so-called "soft modems", which means that some of the work is performed by your CPU instead of the modem itself. However, with P4 it shouldn't be the case. The best think to try is to look for updated modem drivers (which are usually not just drivers, but also the soft modem software).

Another think to try - and I would recommend to try it first - is the quality of the phone line. When the modem is not able to detect the dialtone during the self-test, it looks like you have a poor signal in the phone line. Try connecting a common phone and listen for any noise emerging on the line. If there is some noise, the problem could be:

a) in the cable
b) in other devices connected to the phone line (fax, telephone, answering machine - try to disconnect them)
c) at your operator's side

Good luck.
your modem run on which port. change these port ( set on 3 ) if it is on 3 give another. after restart check connectivity.
way12goAuthor Commented:
I get connected to the internet with this error ( 601 ) message and the data transfer error occurs once in a while. Please provide a big answer with many possibilities. Com 1 and Com 3 are the opened ports and Com 1 is for Communications and Printer ( I don't have any ) and Com 3 is for the Dial-up modem. Do you suggest that Com 3 is being used incorrectly? What's the reason for me to select Com 4 or any other port? If I select any other port will it be the change of numbers or what? Please be specific. Why would this error repeat even after I format the whole harddisk and have a fresh installation? In case if you think it's necessary: I use Mercury Motherboard with builtin ethernet card ( always disabled in BIOS since no Broadband ) and intel P4 2 GHrz, 128 MB SDRAM, 40 GB Seagate HD,  
Smartlink Modem ( Dial-up ), nVidia TNT pro 16 MB display card, Sony CD-ROM and Sony CD-RW.
(1) The HD is connected to the primary IDE - set to master ( Single )
(2) The  CD-RW ( Master ) and CD-ROM ( Slave ) are connected to the secondary IDE.
Please consider the vast possibilities of errors. These errors don't seem to get away. Experts please consider this as a challenge.
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way12goAuthor Commented:
Sorry I forgot to add this note. Sometimes I even get disconnected when there is much activity going on arround. For instance when I copy huge files from one drive to the other or when I start virus scanning or spyware scanning. Is this because the resources ( processor, harddisk,... ) are temperarily exhausted?
way12goAuthor Commented:

My modem says...

Dial Tone Not Detected
The modem could not detect a dial tone on your phone line.
Possible causes:
1) The modem is not set to the right country.
Solution: Change the country selection of the modem.
Follow these steps:
a) From "Control Panel", open the "Modem Country Selection" applet.
b) Click on the tab "Configuration", and choose the country you're in from the drop-down list.
2) Your line may have a voice mailbox attached to it, and messages are waiting.
Solution: Retrieve your messages, clear your mailbox and try again.
3) You may be connected to an extension of a PBX.
Usually, PBX systems require you to dial a prefix before the number in order to get an outside line.
Solution: Find out the number you have to dial to get an outside line and add it in front of the phone number.
4) Your modem may be connected to a digital extension of a PBX.
Such extensions may use non-standard wiring and signals that are not compatible with regular modems.
Solutions: Try connecting the modem to an analog extension of the PBX. If a fax machine is working properly at your site, try connecting the modem to the same jack.
5) Your phone line may be providing a non-standard dial tone.
Your modem may be connected to a non-standard line (such as an extension of a foreign PBX).
Solution: Instruct your dialer to ignore the lack of a dial tone.
To do this, you will have to modify the "Initialization string" that the dialer sends to the modem, adding the string "ATX3" to it.
Each dialer has a different way to change the initialization string. To find out how to change the initialization string of your dialer, consult its documentation.

Believe it or not but I am having different problems very frequently and both of your suggestions are helpful but I knew them all along. I searched for these problems and found this very helpful website. This time I didn't diagnose for different causes and simply rushed to this website for help and guess what... the second answer " PodExpert " is right. I couldn't stay connected to the net for 10 seconds properly ( for the past three days ) so I used to login to this website with difficulty and then get disconnected immediately only to be frusturated. This is different phone line and it is the comment of the " PodExpert " that worked. Thanlyou very much. Believe it or not I was hoping
that it won't work because I want many other possibilities too. Thanks for one and all. This website is the place which I am looking for so long. Even though your comment must be accepted
can anyone please reconsider viewing the problem and mind suggesting different possible alternatives. I will request the authorities to consider my plea to extend this question for a while. Once again thanks for all. Thank you very much.
You are welcome. Few years ago, most of the telephone lines in my country were analog and their quality was often awful. I started using modem in the early 90's (at a speed of 2400 bps) and I had so many problems with the phone lines - seldom the connection lasted longer than 15 minutes.

Anyway, you may also try a different modem, it may be more stable on a noisy line, but your chances are rather small.

way12goAuthor Commented:
I just hope to get some more comments. By the way my processor may be P4 2 GHrz but it is of no significance when it walks on a thin line! Say it needs support from the Harddisk and RAM and they don't match the expectations then in terms of speed and reliability even P3 can outperform it. I have many applications running and the harddisk ( main drive - primary drive ) is loaded with data and the SDRAM is not spacious enough!! It's like an Elephant walking on the thin wall and now and then it slips and falls ( fails )! I ran benchmark test which told that my processor is starving and actually underperforming... I defrag the data regularly and take almost all precautions for best performance but the main and one and only ( in this case ) culprit is the limitation of the HARDWARE. So may be I get disconnected ( sometimes ) during the elevated activity of the processor. Thanking you again.
If the overall performance of your computer isn't at the level of 300 MHz machine, than you don't need to worry. For soft-modems, only CPU and memory performance are important and a common office PC (600 MHz) is by far enough. But: even a slow soft modem should never drop the line. However, it is true that P4 is actually slower than P3 at the same frequency in many applications.

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