Congratulations to the first Delphi Genius at EE

kretzschmar; you came a long way to make it to the 1M points in Delphi and i think it's a great achievement

keep up your good work!!!
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DanRollinsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Congratulations kretzschmar!
{{ refinding all 20 points and force accepting -- DR / EE PE }}
Well done ;)
kretzschmar -
you de Delphi guy ! !
Congratulations! !
 1000444 , , , thats alot of Points !
kretzschmar - Thank you for your time and effort here at EE!
 I guess since you are a Page Editor here with a picture, all the girls send you hot emails LOL, Ha Ha, , ,
It helps to have a since of humor, even if you are a Genius. . . . .
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yeah, got it,

many thanks to the questioners, which makes this possible :-))

well, a genius means not to know all, i'm currently also learning
from other experts and also from the askers as well

and this is the most valueable part of ex-ex

>I guess since you are a Page Editor here with a picture,
>all the girls send you hot emails

my inbox is bursting about this :-)))

thanks to all, its a nice time here in ex-ex,
hope all do have this too

meikl ;-)
Lalalalala... the next one should be Madshi, but he doesn't seem that active nowadays.

Meikl, congrats~~~!! Whoa, we have a genius in our midst... move aside, Einstein! Meikl is here, heheheh....

Ferruccio AccalaiSenior developer, analyst and customer assistance Commented:
And finally we got him :)))
As Delphi Programming is one of the most important TA in ExEx Programming Channels it had need a Genius in its Top 15 overall.

Congrats Meikl and many thanks for all your great job here.

Now go fast to print your new Genius Experts Exchange Certificate :)))

F68 ;-)
Hey, congrats, meikl!

DragonSlayer, I'm still here, but I'm only answering "selected" questions now...   :-)   So 1M points are far out of sight for me.
hmm... this confirms my suspicions that madshi has a special madEESniff software that periodically checks EE and finds any text with the name "madshi" in it... because he seems to reply whenever his name is mentioned in a post, =)
Congratulations meikl !!! We have got our Delphi genius at last ...

Ferruccio AccalaiSenior developer, analyst and customer assistance Commented:
--> hmm... this confirms my suspicions....
DS, couldn't simply be that he reads the questions (just reading don't take so many time as posting comments) and posts just into those that he means interesting?

I consider Madshi as a great 'Delphi Expert' and honestly i'm glad that if i'd need a Madshi opinion, i'm sure that he'll give me any useful suggestion just 'calling' him....

F68 ;-)
:-)   Just manual reading, no sniffer involved...
LoL, I was just kidding about the sniffer thingy... well, it's fun to crack up something every now and then =p
sniff . . . thanks mates :-))
congrats, meikl!

>>>I guess since you are a Page Editor here with a picture,
>>>all the girls send you hot emails
>>my inbox is bursting about this :-)))

don't say that, because now, all of them will try to take your place :))

i remember when i first found this site. the first day i subscribed as "expert". i was so proud of me; being able to subscribe as "expert". i even thought that i am really one... (i was so proud of myself) :))
soon, i discovered that it's not like that (claiming yourself as being an "expert" doesn't mean that you are :(( )

soon, in my first few comments on this site, i had a feedback from you telling me about MOTIVATION and the benefits of using this site (i really apreciated that; without it, maybe i would forgot about this site)

i just want to THANK YOU this way and CONGRATULATIONS once again !!!

best regards,
Congratulations Meikl!

1.000.000 is ALOT.

I passed the 100.000 barier myself this week, but your score TENFOLD. I often wonder how much time you must invest in E-E, seeing that it took me about 4 years to reach my score. If an average PAQ takes about 30 minutes and has an average score of 500 points means 1000 hours of dedicated time! That is almost a fulltime man-year :-)

Thanks for your time and dedication Meikl!

Regards Jacco
>i had a feedback from you telling me about MOTIVATION and
>the benefits of using this site

yep, there is no change i stand for this.
points are really not the real benefit of this site,
but it is a good feeling to have earned one million :-))

btw. also i feel me not as expert. i'm still learning from the answers of others
and of course by the questions as well (there are questions i have never thought)

>Thanks for your time

the time i have becomes more less (money too ;-), most of my time
(this was ever so) gets my wife and my kids, than my employer,
the rest (nevermore much) i invest in ex-ex and in my hobbies
(coding of course, motorcycle, videogames, music, sf-films, dtp)

thanks to all for your friendly and warm feedback

meikl ;-)
I have 6930 Expert Points, Well on my way to one mil lol.

Thanks again kretzschmar, You make ee a great place ;)
Congratulations Meikl!!!

Thumbs up!
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