Screen Scrape - Passing Post Variables - Not Working


I am doing the back end programming of a web site which will check airline prices from an external web site using 'screen scraping'.

The web site we are accessing is (we have their permission to access the site, as the company we are writing the system for will be booking the flights through them anyway).

I have written the system to enter number of passengers and departure / destination airports fine, and the system works and responds well, but when I get to the bit where we actually select the flight from a list in order to confirm airport taxes etc, it will not allow me to do it.

If you have a look at the web site ( - and enquire about a flight from Birmingham to Alicante (for example), when you click 'Search' you get to Step 2 (select your outgoing and incoming flights) - this works fine. It is the step 3 that I cannot get to work - moving from step 2 to step 3.

Here is the code I am using...

// Get outbound string... (at this point just gets first, not cheapest)...

      $start=strpos($string, "<img src=../images/icon_plane_rgt_ovr.gif");

      $pos=revsearch($string, "<tr>", $start);

      $endofline = strpos($string, "<td colspan=5 >", $pos);

      $linelength = $endofline - $pos;

      $temp_outboundstring = substr($string, $pos, $linelength);

      $st2=strpos($temp_outboundstring, "set_selected('1','")+18;

      $temp_outboundstring = substr($temp_outboundstring, $st2);

      $outboundstring = substr($temp_outboundstring, 0, 88);

// Now get inbound string...

      $start=strpos($string, "<img src=../images/icon_plane_lft_over.gif");

      $pos=revsearch($string, "<tr>", $start);

      $endofline = strpos($string, "<td colspan=5 >", $pos);

      $linelength = $endofline - $pos;

      $temp_inboundstring = substr($string, $pos, $linelength);

      $st2=strpos($temp_inboundstring, "set_selected('2','")+18;

      $temp_inboundstring = substr($temp_inboundstring, $st2);

      $inboundstring = substr($temp_inboundstring, 0, 88);

// Now get the final screen...

      $adr =  "$s";

      $fp  = @fopen($adr, r);
      $start = time();
      while($str = fgets($fp, 1024)) {
            if (time() > $start+50){
                  die("Timed out");

This is probably irrelevant to the question mind you. However, it works for step 1 -> step 2, but step 2 -> step 3 it falls over, and the mytravellight web site gives an error.

I have checked the variables being sent, and replicated them, but it is not interested at all.

To check if it is possible, I have done a 'File -> Save As' when at step 2 on the web site, and saved the html to my desktop. I have then, in a separate session, double clicked it, selected the relevant flights, and clicked 'Submit' and this works fine and goes to Step 3.

I then set the 'action' of the form to point to a test .php file which loops through the post variables listing each one (like so...

print "<table>";
reset ($HTTP_POST_VARS);
while (list ($key, $val) = each ($HTTP_POST_VARS)) {
      if (($key != "Submit") && ($key != "recipient") && ($key != "subject")){
            print "<tr><td>$key</td><td>&nbsp;=&nbsp;</td><td>$val</td></tr>";
          $content=$content. "$key => $val\r\n";
          $html_content=$html_content. "$key => $val<br>";
print "</table>";

... I then replicated each of these on both a command line, AND as hidden fields in a form, and tried to make it work, getting to Step 3- but BOTH methods failed.

So, in summary...

There is no problem getting from step 2 to step 3 from an external site - but I cannot seem to find a way to do it using fget...

Can anyone help ?

Many thanks

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You might want to take a look at PHP cURL:

milkmon123Author Commented:

Looks excellent, but my virtual server is with DSVR (Designer Servers), and this extension cannot be installed.

Any other ideas guys ?

Thanks so far

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Well, their script is a bit confusing. All of it is in one CGI so you're contacting that CGI twice if I get it straight?
milkmon123Author Commented:
Yes indeed. The one CGI handles everything - from help pages, to data entry forms. What is output depends on what you pass to the CGI.

This should be able to work since yours worked for step1 to step2. I'm betting the CGI is using param() to get the form fields so it shouldn't matter if it was POST or GET. Just as a question, you're attaching all POST parameters to the URL in fopen right?

(Of course, the simplest way would just be to install cURL. Can you ask Designer Servers to install cURL?)
Does the website handle get variables? Or is it just post variables?

I didn't really take an in depth look at your php, but I did notice one thing. You're using $fp  = @fopen($adr, r); as though r was a constant. This is safer:

$fp  = @fopen($adr, "rb");
milkmon123Author Commented:
Thanks for the input so far. I will check suggestions by Zyloch and Skonen - thanks - will update you asap.

milkmon123Author Commented:
Zyloch - cURL is now active on my server !!!

So, if I can use cURL, can you tell me what commands to utilise ?

Many thanks.

Thanks to Skonen for pointing out the "r" thing in fopen.
Aiee... I have a bus to catch in 10 min or so, what bad timing. But check out this link, has some great examples:
milkmon123Author Commented:

How do I close it without an answer accepted ?

I found the solution myself in the end: the post variables were padded out with spaces in the actual application, which obvioulsy I couldn't see on the screen when analysing the variables.

When duplicated with spaces included etc, it worked fine.

Many thanks

hello milkmon123,
I have asked for PAQ and refund so the question will be closed without accepting any answer as you have answered it yourself.
This Q will be stored in the database for future referance.
You do not have to do anything now. Thank you for coming back and explaining.
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