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Quest SQL Navigator vs. SQL*Plus

Hi, I need to write up a justification for my group getting about 10 licenses for SQL Navigator Professional, I think at $1500 apiece. Right now, much of the group uses SQL Plus, but I've been trying out a copy of SQL Nav, and I love it. It's so darn expensive, though.

Can someone please help me think of good bullet points for going from SQL Plus to SQL Navigator? And for going from command line to GUI in general? And I can't just say "It'll increase productivity." I have to say how, without getting too technical, because the boss's boss is going to be reading this. And please don't try to dissuade me from scrapping SQL Plus. I have to write this justification up, so all I need is the pros.

This is kind of urgent, since I need to turn it in tomorrow late morning. Thanks already.
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Try this blurb:

SQL Navigator® is a PL/SQL development solution that streamlines workflow by adding a drag-and-drop, graphical user interface to the PL/SQL development environment. SQL Navigator speeds the development of Oracle-based applications and combines coding, tuning, debugging, Web development and version control to deliver higher quality applications and save valuable time.

Key Benefits

Ensure optimal productivity and application performance

Improve database development with the ability to drag-and-drop SQL code

Easily develop and tune database code with enhanced GUI

Advanced support for version control integration

Enhanced support for Oracle 8i, 9i and JAVA databases

ftaco96Author Commented:
By the way, here's a pointer to another Q about 3rd party Oracle software in general:

seazodiac, thanks, that's a good start. Now, I don't mean to get nitpicky, but I'm going to, only because my boss swears that I should be able to get the same productivity out of SQL Plus, if I just know the right commands and techniques.

My boss: Why do you need to drag and drop? You can cut and paste the same code into SQL Plus and run it. And why do you need to click a button to create a table, when the GUI is just sending DDL statements to the database, same as SQL Plus? And what does enhanced support mean? What could they possibly have that we can't get from the Oracle website?

I don't hink he'll be able to argue the version control integration, but then, we don't currently have much of a version control system in place.
that's like the old debate between command-line tool and windows-based tool (or gui-based tool).

that's really endless...

but i think you can rebut with....

SQL navigator with the ability to drag-and-drop SQL code DOESNOT simply means copy and paste.

It's the ease and simplicity of having Object (table) structure on the side, and building your query by dragging the tables and columns into the sql query builder...
So it's not like copy and paste codes around in which case, you have to write manually the code from the scratch.

Another benefit, SQL navigator with better debugging capability, it's highlighting syntax errors, better pinpointing the compilation errors (sqlplus can be misleading in locating the real errors). it's true you can do all the tunning in sqlplus command line, but developers needs formal training in how to use explain plan, autotrace, TKPROF , STATSPACK tools, which also cost money.

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Helena Markováprogrammer-analystCommented:
You can try this - it is free:

and also this PL/SQL Developer - it is not free:
Well from what I recall reading on a message board, Quest maybe going away with SQL Navigator and just promoting TOAD as their #1 IDE app for Oracle Database development.  To me the biggest thing with TOAD is their debugging capabilities with SQL scripts and PL/SQL stored procedures/functions/packages/triggers/views.  You can speed up coding itself with TOAD, with the features inside of it.  Yes you can code and debug in SQL+ Plus but that's like writing with a stone tablet and a chisel and a rock.  Or communicating with smoke signals.  Also the support you get with TOAD is phenomenal.  Just logon to the TOAD Yahoo Groups (and their beta version) and if there's a problem it will get fixed and put into the next beta and most likely the next General Acceptance release.

Just my 2 cents as I'm a TOAD lobbyist! :)

ftaco96Author Commented:
Thanks seazodiac! I used many of your suggestions, and it looks like we're getting the funding for a few licenses. I did investigate PL/SQL Developer, but it's not company approved, so we're going with SQL Navigator.

Thanks for all your input.
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