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Posted on 2004-09-20
Last Modified: 2010-03-31
given a month and year as string(say "September 2004"), i want to return an arraylist from 01.09.2004 till 30.09.2004

Question by:sangeetha
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>> arraylist from 01.09.2004 till 30.09.2004
Do you want an arraylist of Strings or of Dates?

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i think anything is Ok...

request.setAttribute("dates", getDatum("September", "2004"));


private static ArrayList getDatum(String month, String year) {
            ArrayList list = new ArrayList();
                          // What to do here?
            return list;
am i right?
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By heart (so not guaranteed without typos):

List arrayList = new ArrayList();

SimpleDateFormat fmt = SimpleDateFormat("dd MMMM yyyy");
Date d = fmt.parse("1 " + month + " " + year);

Calendar cal = Calendar.getInstance();

boolean stop = false;

int thisMonth = cal.get(Calendar.MONTH);
while (!stop) {
   arrayList.add( cal.getTime() );
   cal.add(Calendar.DATE, 1);
   stop = ( thisMonth!=cal.get(Calendar.MOHTH) )

return arrayList;
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Accepted Solution

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ID: 12101237
   String str = "September 2004" ;
    SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat( "MMMMM yyyy" ) ;
    SimpleDateFormat sdf2 = new SimpleDateFormat( "dd.MM.yyyy" ) ;
    sdf.setLenient( true );
    Date month = sdf.parse( str ) ;
    Calendar cal = Calendar.getInstance() ;
    cal.setTime( month );
    int curr = cal.get( Calendar.MONTH ) ;
    int next = curr ;
    ArrayList al = new ArrayList() ;
    while( next == curr )
      al.add( sdf2.format( cal.getTime() ) ) ;
      cal.roll( Calendar.DAY_OF_YEAR, true );
      next = cal.get( Calendar.MONTH ) ;
    for( int i = 0 ; i < al.size() ; i++ )
      System.out.println( al.get( i ) ) ;
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Hi sangeetha,

static final String[] month={"january","february","march","april","may","june",

private static int getMonth(String s)
    for (int i=0;i<month.length;i++)
       if (month[i].equalsIgnoreCase(s)) return i+1;
    return -1;

private static int lm(int m,int a)
     if (m<11) return 31-((m^(m/5))&1);
     else return ( ((a%4)==0)&&( ((a%100)!=0) || ((a%400)==0) ) )?29:28;

private static String len2(int n)
     String t="0"+n;
     return t.substring(t.length()-2);

private static ArrayList getDatum(String month, String year) {

          int m=getMonth(month);
          if (m<0) return null; // invalid month name

          ArrayList list = new ArrayList();

          int len_month=lm(m,year);
          for (int d=1;d<=len_month;d++)
          return list;
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private static ArrayList getDatum(String month, String year) {

should be:

private static ArrayList getDatum(String month, String s_year) {
    int year=Integer.parseInt(s_year);
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ID: 12101485
Can you tell me what's wrong with my comment?

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