Cursor Insert problem

This function won't work - Selection.setFocus("text1");

Using Flash MX 2004
text box properties = input
instance = emailx
var = email

Also, all the code underneath it executes fine and it doesn't work on other input boxes as well.

Any ideas?
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fixitbenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this Place this in the Same frame with the text box


You have to point to the instance not the Var. Duh


the path ..("???") a literal string to the variable
it can be relative or absolute

so if the textfield is on the main timeline.. the code would be..

Selection.setFocus("email");  //relative


Selection.setFocus("");  //absolute

or if the field was in a clip called .. clipOne ..

Selection.setFocus("");  //absolute


DocjaymanAuthor Commented:
Yeah, I tried all of those but it still doesn't work.  I also tried using other text boxes but still nothing.  I am not sure what it could be because the code is so simple.
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Have you tried it without the quotes?  It seems to work equally well with or without!

Also try this before the setFocus, to check whether your path is correct:


and if you get "undefined" in the output window, try the other suggestions that Zeffer made ( i.e. trace(; ).  If it always comes up undefined then this is your problem, and you can use:


to give you the path you need.
Just something else You won't see the cursor inside flash you will only see it once inserted into a webpage or just playing the swf by its self.  

DocjaymanAuthor Commented:
If someone could email me at, I would be happy to attach the small file.  Maybe I am just missing something really dumb.
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