Problems with Adobe Photoshop 7.0

I have a problems with my Adobe Photoshop 7.When i try to open the application and i open any pictures (jpg,gif,bmp) all become pinky.I try to reinstall photoshop but it have no diff.After i reinstall it give me this msg on the 1st time "You currently have Adobe Photoshop's primary Scracth and WIndows's primary paging file on the same volume,which can result in reduced perfomarnance.It is recommended that you set Adobe Photoshop's primary Scratch volume to be one diffrent volume,preferably on a diffrent physical drive." SO i went to Edit-and chg the scarcth volume to my D drive.But it seen that same thing.I can access my pic with other photo viewer with normal color.But if i use photoshop to access it.It show pinky and funny thing is my color RGB is default as 0,0,27.Can anyone help me?
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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That's because your color management settings are incorrect. Go to your Color Management window and turn it OFF. You only want to turn color management on if you've done a whole bunch of monitor calibration, and have enabled the proper profiles. It's not something we can teach at EE, and takes alot of time to get just right. So you're better off disabling it.
kennykoidAuthor Commented:
Well at my color management.I dont have any option for disable.I only have current monitor name and default monitor profile.And 3 button which is Add,Remove and Default which i have only one profile which is "sm783df".Do you mind to tell me what should i do?
In Color Settings, you should have a menu at the very top labeled "Settings:". The pulldown menu next to it has a bunch of options including "Color Management Off".
kennykoidAuthor Commented:
weed, i try to do that but it dont allow me as it say the version not allow and it automatic change it to custom.Anyway i go to my PC color magament and i remove the profile and the Adobe work perfect after i restart.Thanks for giving me the idea.The point u deserve it!
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