Local DNS Does Not Resolve External Names

Cannot Resolve Locally hosted internet Web sites

I can resolve the names on my ISP's DNS server and offsite, But not on my internal Lan/DNS Server

When i Do an NSLOOKUP Internally I get
c:\nslookup saddlebrookschools.org
Server:  "Server"."domain"."Local"

Name: saddlebrookschools.org

My server resolves the name but no ip address..

I have flushed the DNS cache on the Server, I dont see where an entry could exsist. Its not in the LMhostfile...

Internally no one can resolve the Web Site!

Please Help.

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ColinRoydsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
is your local domain saddlebrookschools or saddlebrook, if so you will need to add a A record into DNS to resolve the external ip's if it's a web page add an A (host) entry in for www .
If your domain is saddlebrookschools.org then if you add a host for www, it will then add saddlebrookschools.org on the end and resolve to the A entry you added in
Try setup a frowarder in DNS that queries your ISP's DNS, this should do the trick
sstachalAuthor Commented:
I have Two Forwarders set fro my ISPs DNS,

Seems Like My local DNS is Resolving the name but with no ip address, So it will not go out to the my ISPs DNS, Just a hunch but that is what i think is happening.. but I have no idea why..
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sstachalAuthor Commented:
I would like to Add, that i <b>CAN</b> resolve other FQDNs
sstachalAuthor Commented:
The Domain is saddlebrook.local

sstachalAuthor Commented:
Hey, Thank you So much for your help.  Turns out My Boss had put in some Dns entries into THe server Thinking we held the records for the Domain Name on our DNS Server for the two domains. Turns out He was the casue of my resolution Problem. Uhhhh!!

Thank You!  

If only he wasnt my boss
no prob, glad it's sorted
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