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accessing particular position on file

How to locate the position on file, ??
suppose i have a file called sub.txt which has the subject names of different semesters,
now from that file i want to read the subject name of particular semester only, how this can be done, and semester wise the number of subjects can also differ , ok gyes please help me out of this problem ???
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aravindtjConnect With a Mentor Commented:
 try to use structures to write the data.
 you can access the data writen in the file easily as structure.
 use simple open, read, write methods. To locate a particular position, use lseek method.
 It is fastest method and compatible to Win & Unix plotform.
 To locate a particular record, you have to get the structures from the file till you get the correct value.
 you can also store the location of the particular value in a variable and can access to frequently needed value easily.

Bes of luck.
first you could read the whole file into some array of other structure, secondly you could use the fseek() function to access a speific section of the file
you may go throught the filie like
int main()
  if(NULL==strstr(s,"specialsemester")) continue;
  printf("ok I found it\n");
  //doing something
Kent OlsenData Warehouse Architect / DBACommented:

You need to build a structure (table) that contains the key values in the file and their locations.  Only then can you use the data.

Here's a function to build the table.  It's up to you to use it.  (Homework, and all that.... :)  )


#define MAX_TABLE 100                 /*  Maximum number of semesters to track  */
#define MAX_LINE_LENGTH 256

long FileOffset[MAX_TABLE];
char *Title[MAX_TABLE];
int   Semesters = 0;

FILE *input = NULL;

LoadSemesterHeaders (void)
  char Text[MAX_LINE_LENGTH];
  long  FilePosition;

  input = fopen ("Subjects.txt", "rt");  /*  Do sanity checks on *input*  */
  while (1)
    FilePosition = ftell (input);
    fgets (Buffer, MAX_LINE_LENGTH, input);
    if (feof (input))

    if (This_Line_Is_A_Subject_Header ())
      if (Semesters+1 >= MAX_TABLE)   /*  Too many headers for table  */
        break;                                        /*  Print a nice message first  */
      FileOffset[Semesters] = FilePosition;
      Title[Semesters] = strdup (Text);
Amritpal SinghCommented:
you can have a look at "fseek" , "rewind" etc. functions also
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