Unable to reach External domain name (Win2k Server)

1. One of my customers has a domain name on the internet (xyz.com).
2. And some local technincan named thear internal domain to xzy.com also.
3. And also my customer has a static public ip-address.

To the problem, when my customer shall www browse to thear external domain they come to thear local intranet or no page at all. So i think, i just add a host called www. in the DNS and point it to the external ip-address of the www page. But alas, the people that are running the web hosting service has a virutuell server, meaning they have hundreds of web pages on the same server/ip-address. So i call thear support, and they say i can add a CNAME.

So .. how do i add a CNAME for an External domain, cant figure it out, as CNAMES seems to allways go to the local domain, Or is there anyother way for me to go around this, by adding some external DNS pointer to everytime a computer asks for a www. address they will be pushed out on the internet.

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As long as you know the IP address of their hosting system and the internal resolving domain is exact to the external one, then adding an 'A' record for www will work fine. The DNS host header information is passed by the browser, not the DNS server so it will function. If it doesn't, then you have another issue.

Good Luck
If the ISP running virtual servers has hundreds of websites on the same IP address, then it should be resolved by the host header (the URL).  

On the PDNS server, set up an (A) record for www and point it to the external address.  No need to create the associated pointer record, it wont work anyway.

Check with whoever the domain is registered with to make sure they arent pointing to your clients local DNS server as the primary name server, or you could end up running in loops.  Unless I misunderstood and you actually are serving as a nameserver for the internet domain also.

Remember, that changes to your local DNS server can take up to an hour or more to propigate to all the local machines, sometimes a reboot helps, sometimes it doesnt.  If there arent to many workstations, you can use IPConfig /registerdns to flush and re-register the local dns cache on each machine to speed the process.
Good call freakyuno;

Great info about Cynonyme Name here:

Simple rule I keep in DNS enteries is 'Keep it simple'...



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DrTrollrotAuthor Commented:
Ok, then i have some new meat on my leg.
Then one more question before i start to change things in thear system.. By adding a A record you must enter a ip-address, is there anyway to enter a domain name there instead if the ip-address.
A record is the designator to the IP address (i.e. When I type the address on the browser; the OS go to the dns server asking it "what address is test.com?" and the dns server replies in a 32bit address (i.e. 111100101010111....) while the DNS configuration tells the dns server; anyone who asks you for test.com refer it to the following address).
However, If you know a subdomain exists (such as www.test.com), but there is no "A" record, that may be fine - there could be a CNAME record pointing to another record that has an A record. For example, "www.test.com CNAME loom.test.com" with a corresponding "loom.test.com A".



DrTrollrotAuthor Commented:
Yup, im with you Cyber.

Then one more thing, i want to clear out. =)

I called the WEB hosting service support, and they want me to put up a CNAME for the virutuell multi WEB page address (eg. multipage.server.com). They have the server and it dosent reside on my network what-so-ever. Seems to me i cant do that in Win2k Server then ?

There is no reason of why shouldnt you....

The full DNS implementation in Windows 2000:



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DrTrollrotAuthor Commented:
Well then it now works. Thanks for the help and info. I have decied i need to buy a good book about DNS .. =).

And anyway ill split the points ..

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