stop 0x0000007b please help.

Windows 2000 was working fine and then ***STOP 0x0000007B, INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE .

No changes were made on the computer from yesterday.

Thank you all
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INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE is almost invariably caused because Windows 2000 does not have an appropriate driver available for the hard disc controller in your machine. It performs the initial copy operation in DOS mode, but then it restarts and attempts to start up in full-on Win2K mode, and without a driver it cannot find the boot disc--hence the error.

The solution is to find out what the hard disc controller in your PC actually is, download a driver for it, put it on a floppy, and then press F6 near the beginning of Win2K setup (when it asks you if you want to specify any additional hard disc controllers) and install the driver.
Justin DurrantSr. Engineer - Windows Server/VirtualizationCommented:
Hi jdff,

does the bios see your hdd? do you have a 2000 disk?

jdffAuthor Commented:
yes it does
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Oops - hit return too fast:
That was an accepted answer from this thread:
jdffAuthor Commented:
I don't have a separate hard disk controller, it's connected straight to the moather board.
There is no drivers also for that.

Hard disk controllers are ALL on the motherboard, but they still need drivers.  To find out what kind you have, look at your device manager under IDE/ATA/ATAPI controllers (assuming, that is, you are using an IDE ATA drive).
I have a client who's disk invariably does this. (sorry to steal your words itcnbwise)

The solution in his case is to run the recovery console, then perform a chkdsk /p and then reboot. After that, the file permissions on the c:/ partition are toast, and need to be reset. Once that's ok, he's fine till the next reboot.

As sad as this can sound... your HD can be dead, bad clusters could cause this...
Did you have a software mirror on that server?  If so you could try and boot from your second drive.  Then test the first drive using chkdsk as harleyjd suggested (but first thing is to get the machine to boot again right?)

I also saw that message when trying to work from the primary hd from a broken mirror...

Donno if I'm on the right track here... only suggesting
Hope this puts you on a lead


Take a look at this.  This will help you troubleshoot the issue more efficiently:

Hope this helps :)
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