Problems installing SAP mini web app. server 6.20


I just got the mini-SAP cd. I opened the help file and started the installation from there, but I get the following error:

cannot create /sapdb/BSP
cannot create dependent path "\sapdb\BSP\db"
installation exited abnormally  at Tu, Sep 21, 2004 at 11:05:34
ERROR 2004-09-21 11:05:34 SAPDBINSTALL_IND_ADA ExecuteCheck:0
    Exit code from E:\sapdb\NT\I386\sdbinst.exe: 1.

ERROR 2004-09-21 11:05:34 SAPDBINSTALL_IND_ADA InternalInstallationDo:0
    Phase failed.

ERROR 2004-09-21 11:05:34 SAPDBINSTALL_IND_ADA InstallationDo:0
    Phase failed.

ERROR 2004-09-21 11:05:34 Main :0
    Installation aborted.

There was a problem during install.
Try to solve the problem and restart the setup with this batch.


Anyone got an idea? At the question on kernel-cd, I entered the e:/ drive (CD-Rom)... The help doesn't really make any sense to me... :(  There's just one .pdf on CD1, and that one doesn't contain any help on installing.


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On Windows you should always use e:\ and not e:/.  Also most of the time SAP expects only the drive letter - e: will do.

For your installation of mini SAP..

The installation has to be done in NTFS system and not in FAT32 .

Change your OS as NTFS , then try again there will be no problem ..


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Check if you have enough space on ur current drive.  Also as mentioned before make sure you are installing it onto an NTFS partition. Not to mention you must defenitely have administrator privileges while installing SAP webAS.
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henrikatworkAuthor Commented:
I can't check it now, but I'll try in a few days again.


henrikatworkAuthor Commented:
nope, its not abandoned, I'm working on it on monday again


I hope this problem you are facing on UNIX/Windows Platform.

The problem reason could be :
1. One of the following versions of the SAP DB software has already been installed:
SAP DB 7.3 build 33 or higher build level
SAP DB 7.4
MaxDB 7.5
2. The SAP DB RDBMS CD contains a SAP DB version SAP DB 7.3 with a build version earlier than build 33

Solution :

1. Create a directory called <RDBMS-DIR>, and copy the entire RDBMS CD to this directory (SAP DB 7.3 with a build version earlier than build 33).
2. Download the corresponding archive for your platform (see attachment):
              HP10_32 : SDBINST_HPUX.SAR

              HP11_64 : SDBINST_HPUX.SAR

              RLX_64  : SDBINST_RLX.SAR

              SUNOS_32: SDBINST_SUN.SAR

              SUNOS_64: SDBINST_SUN.SAR

              AIX_32  : SDBINST_AIX.SAR

              AIX_64  : SDBINST_AIX.SAR

              AIX5_64 : SDBINST_AIX.SAR

              DEC_64  : SDBINST_DEC.SAR

              LINUX_32: SDBINST_LINUX.SAR

1. Unpack the SAR archive with SAPCAR.EXE to the directory <RDBMSDIR>/UNIX/<PLATTFORM>:
              SAPCAR -xvf SDBINST_<...>.SAR -R < RDBMS-DIR>/UNIX/<PLATTFORM>

1. If you start the installation with an SAP DB 7.3 with a version earlier than Build 33, enter the directory <RDBMS-DIR> with the updated RDBMS software during the query of the RDBMS CD.
2. If you have already started SAPinst and the installation terminated with the above-mentioned error, search for the original RDBMS CD in the file keydb.xml in the SAPinst installation directory and replace it with the directory <RDBMS-DIR>. You can then restart SAPinst and continue the installation.


If you have SQL server installed in your system, then uninstall the SQL server related (client/server) and try ...

May be you can take a back up of your existing databases.

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