Continuous forms font color on certain records


I have a form which uses continuous forms to show a list of records. I also have an unboud textbox that calculates a sum of values relating to the record displayed... Looks like this:

FormName = frmPIOSelector

CampaignName           IORefNo              Text2
aaa                               197                  2
bbb                               285                  5
ccc                                524                  0

I need the campaign name in the list to be in redfont if the value of Text2 = "0".

Can anyone supply me with the correct code, and tell me what control and event I should put the code into...



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pique_techConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In design mode, click on the textbox you want to change the formatting for.  Then click on Format in the listbar at the top and select "Conditional".  Choose "Expression Is" from the dropdown on the left, then in the field to the right type [Text2]=2.  Change the color of the font toward the bottom right of the Condition 1 box.

Hope this helps.
LoveToSpodAuthor Commented:

Thanks, I have never used conditional formatting in Access before!!

Thanks very much...

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