PowerBuilder PB8 and Visual SourceSafe VSS6 - Extremely SLOW

Hello Experts,

I am developing a PB application with about 3 other users.  We are connected together via LAN and I have implemented source control using Microsoft's VSS6.  We are working in Windows 2000, all with new, quick, laptops.  Our project contains about 80 PBLs in 4 subdirectories (each PBL is in it's own subdirectory one more level down), that total about 50 MBs.

The problem is, when any user is connected to source control, the PB runs EXTREMELY SLOW.  For instance, it may take 45 seconds to open a PBL in treeview just to see its objects, or 120 seconds just to save a datawindow.  These are tasks that should take only a second or two.  Also, to refresh the status of all of the objects in the entire project, about 45 minutes is required.

Can anyone tell me if this is normal for a project of this size??  Can anyone tell me if there is anything that we can do to make things faster?  This is becoming very frustrating for our team.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
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diasroshanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi charles,

i hope ur aware of applying the latest build ...
anyways one thing that i suggest in all my posts is applying the latest build of powerbuilder...

this sorts out a lot of issues ...could also solve ur speed issue...

go to www.sybase.com

---> go to the download option
---> in the download page there is a link EBFs/Maintenance
---> u will be asked to register once u go to that link....
---> register onto sybase(this will help in future)
---> there will be a selection of time frame...select 'all'
---> now when u search u will find PowerBuilder 8.0.4 (10726) EBF Release
---> Download it

Install this patch and many of ur errors will be solved...


I am sure u have implemented VSS the rigth way....so i go with that assumption....

coz VSS has nothing to do with speed as it creates pbls on ur local machine and u work on the copy of pbls on ur local machine....

issues of speed usually turn up if ur working over the network... if ur network(LAN) isn't proper then u'd have speed issues....so check if ur working on the local pbls or over the lan...

another issue of speed is if ur anti-virus is playing spoil sport... exclude ur pbls directory from being scanned every time their used... check the same an let me know...

if i find something else i'd post it... but what comes to mind is NETWORK and ANTI VIRUS...


chazmo03Author Commented:
Rosh, Falvaro,

Thank you both for the insight.  I have been very busy and haven't had the time to fully investigate your suggestions yet.  One of the problems is that the machines we are working on are strictly controlled and I cannot access the anti-virus options to disable it or at least have it ignore the directories in question.  I am running Symantec AV now.  I will let you know when I make progress.

Thanks again,
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