Powerpoint 97 VBA auto-start macro

Is it possible to generate a powerpoint 97 macro that is fired when the presentation is opened ?

In word 97 one can add a private document_open() subroutine which runs macro code on document opening but I can't seem to find the same possibilities in powerpoint.
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Arno KosterAsked:
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bruintjeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
title : PPT: How to Create a PowerPoint 97 Add-In
source : http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;q163461

are you referencing powerpoint 97 in your program?
Arno KosterAuthor Commented:
no, i am still using powerpoint 97 as my program ;-(

good news is that the company I work for does seem to be upgrading to office 2k3 soon...
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did you run into trouble using the add-in method above?
Arno KosterAuthor Commented:
finally it works !

It turned out that in order for the add-in to work, I had to make the subroutines public ones.
as I initially copy-pasted the examples they didn't work.
Adding "public" solved my problem.

great thanks for the grade, next time you can always post the problem we're here to help :)
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