Need an SMTP server that can log full body of emails sent

I am running a server with windows 2000 server.  I want to log all emails, including body, that are sent from the computers attached to the network.  For this I want to run an SMTP server on the server, and set all outgoing mail to send through that server from each PC on the network.

But.. I can't seem to find a server that does this.

Many thanks for your suggestions.
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Btw, this goes agains ee guideline.. why do you need to do this?
Yan_west: I don't quite see how this goes against the E-E guidelines?  I'm sure that vincevincevince has a good reason for this, such as regulatory compliance.

vincevincevince: sendmail can do this for you, I've done it in the past for debugging purposes.

You'll need to have a machine running sendmail between your Exchange server and the outside world:

Exchange ---- Sendmail server --- Firewall ---- Internet

Launch sendmail as follows:
sendmail -bd -X/var/log/biglogfile

Dependant on your volume of mail, the "biglogfile" will get VERY big, very quickly.  You'll need to do some sort of log rotation on it.
Have a look at PostCast Server free edition

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ee_ai_construct: thanks for the clarification :-)
Use GFI MailEssentials to log all email to A- A particular Address, B- A Searchable database

"Mail monitoring
The mail monitoring feature enables you to keep a central store of the email communications of a particular person or department. Because you can configure the mail to be copied to an email address, all email can be stored in an Exchange or Outlook store, so that you can easily search for email or content."
also does that:

"Mail archiving to a SQL database
GFI MailEssentials can archive all inbound and outbound mail to a Microsoft SQL Server database. You can search for a particular mail or an entire email thread via the included web interface. Mail archiving is essential for back-up and search reasons."
vincevincevinceAuthor Commented:
Yan_west, I appreciate and understand your concern.  As the network on which it is required is a registered charity, there are strict requirements for keeping such records.  All users of the system will of course be fully aware that logging will take place.

scampgb, thank you very much for your help, however, I am not able to find sendmail for windows 2000 server (or windows at all for that matter).  I am not running an exchange server on the network, email incoming is handled through an external linux server, and read by IMAP.  This is just for outgoing email.

markoid, I have looked at postcase server free edition and am installing now to test if it does as I require.
vincevincevinceAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately the log files created by postcast server free edition do not contain the body or subject of the email, just who it is to, or who it is from.  I have investigated GFI MailEssentials but as I am not using exchange or outlook I don't think I can use this product.
Sorry, I assumed too much :-)

Sendmail is pretty unix-specific

You said that incoming mail is handled by your Linux server - doesn't it handle outgoing as well?

You'll be able to install sendmail onto that server for your outgoing mail, and do the logging there.
vincevincevinceAuthor Commented:
The solution was close to Markoid's answer.  The pro edition is required, not free.
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