Need an easy way to see what is install by an application install process

I would like to be able to take a snapshot or something of a workstation before and after I install an application such as WordPerfect and see exactly what files were installed.
Any good ideas?
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LongbowConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use Sysdiff from the Windows Resource Kit or
Prism Pack at
You will find a free demo version on the site.
callandor is right...the only other way i know of is too look at the install log. Most software company dont like making this public knowledge.
But with some install logs you can find the reg keys,dll and ocx registered, ini files and exe's installed.
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PremierncAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, I will try the filemon and check it out tonight.

InstallWatch PRO will help you.

It shows what files/registry were added/edited/removed during installation. A must have application.
PremierncAuthor Commented:
Installwatch link is broken and Prism pack seems to be an installer. Will it do comparison for me?
Prism Pack check for changes and create an exe file wich can be used to install anything.
You do not need to execute the result package created. Just edit it.

I use it to see registry changes or anything else.
I have not more used Sysdiff sinds i know what Prism Pack is capable of.
You can install drivers to.

The thing is you can edit the .exe result package and see and extract or export (registry).
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