Outlook Shared Mailbox From: Field in replies or forwards

We recently upgraded from Exchange 5.5 SP4 to Exchange 2003 SP1. Now, when people access a shared mailbox in their Outlook configuration and reply or forward messages in the shared mailboxes folders, the From: address is changed.

In Exchange 5.5, the From: address field was automatically set to the user of the primary mailbox. Everyone is used to this, and is comfortable with how this works.

Now, with Exchange 2003, the From: address field is being changed to the user of the shared mailbox, and has to be manually changed to the primary mailbox user in order for it to behave the way it did in Exchange 5.5

Everyone is complaining about this, and Microsoft's support site is coming up short on this topic. I'm hoping that you geniouses have seen this (how could you not have?) before and know how to fix it or work around it more elegantly than telling everyone to manually change the From: address.

Any help or hints would be greatly appreciated!
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IvaSoftConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try to use SetFrom utility: http://www.ivasoft.biz/setfrom.shtml
Just set empty default From address.

blentzAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.

I just tried it out, but it only appears to work for the primary mailbox, not shared mailboxes. Also, I'm not wild about having to use commerical software to fix such a small problem (we've got enough users where deploying this would be prohibitively expensive). Lastly, if the default From: Address is specified in the properties of the shared mailbox's Outbox Home Page, all users that connect to it get the same From: address... it instead needs to be unique to each separate person replying to messages in the shared mailbox.

Any other ideas?!?!
Sorry, I have no other ideas. Two comments:
1. SetFrom is designed to work for shared mailboxes.
2. If you set _empty_ from field in SetFrom settings,  it means that each user will set his own name/address when he replies from the shared mailbox.

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blentzAuthor Commented:
Thanks again... I really believe this will work the way you say it does, but I can't seem to get it to test with the demo. Do I need the full version to be able to use an empty from field?

Do I want to set the empty from: field on the primary mailbox's Outbox, or the shared mailbox's Outbox?

I've tested every possible permutation of this configuration, and it appears that:
* The SetFrom utility only modifies the From: field on my Primary Mailbox
* The SetFrom utility does nothing if the From: field is specified on the Shared Mailbox
* Replies or Forwards from a shared mailbox still retains the From: field of the shared mailbox, despite having set this parameter in either (or both) of the Primary or Shared Outboxes.

I have not installed the redeption libarary, as I'm only testing the product. Is this required for this functionality to work? I'm currently just coping with the pop-up messages from Outlook.

Does the blank From: field not qualify for the '5 characters or less' restriction of the demo?

I'm using Exchange 2003 SP1 (6.0.7226) and Outlook 2003 SP3 (5.0.3165).

If I can get this working, it's possible we would by the ten pack to take care of the people this affects the most.
blentzAuthor Commented:
The SetFrom libarary is reporting version, if that helps.
Really strange... Please try to install Redemption library and see if that helps.
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