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Posted on 2004-09-22
Last Modified: 2010-04-25
I want to create a page  that the user inputs their emaill address and then the page will search a table called user for that emaill address and then email their password to their emaill address.

I am using classic ASP not .NET with a SQL backend.

Is their an extentsion that is avvalible or is it a hardcoding job?


Question by:willa666
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Accepted Solution

rockmansattic earned 500 total points
ID: 12122144
Dont know of any extensions for DW that incorperates asp and SQL,
But this would not be that hard to do handcoding.

the mailer would have to be coded and it would look something like this:

If Request.ServerVariables("Request_Method") = "POST" then

Dim objMail
Dim strBody

 Set objMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")

    objMail.From    = Request.Form("appemailaddress")
    objMail.Subject = "New Application Request"
    objMail.To      = request.form("emailaddress")

     firstName             = Request.Form("fName")
     Lastname             = Request.Form("lname")
     emailaddress      = Request.Form("emailaddress")

     HTML = HTML & "<html>"
     HTML = HTML & "<head>"
     HTML = HTML & "<title>Sending CDONTS Email Using HTML</title>"
     HTML = HTML & "</head>"
     HTML = HTML & "<body bgcolor=""FFFFFF"">"
     HTML = HTML & "<font size =""2"" face=""Arial"">"
     HTML = HTML & "<b>" & firstName & vbCrLf & lastname& vbCrLf & " has submitted an application ." & "<br>"
       HTML = HTML & "It was submitted " & submitted & vbCrLf & "</b>" & "<br>" & "<br>"
     HTML = HTML & "</font>"
       HTML = HTML & "Email Address: " & emailaddress & "<br>"      
       HTML = HTML & "Phone Number: " & phone & "<br>"              
       HTML = HTML & "<font size =""3"">"
       HTML = HTML & "Address" & "<br>" & "</font>"
       HTML = HTML & "<hr width=""200"" size=""2"" align=""left"">"
       HTML = HTML & address & "<br>"
       HTML = HTML & city & ", " & appstate & vbCrLf & zip & "<br>" & "<br>"
       HTML = HTML & "Education: " & education & "<br>"
       HTML = HTML & "College: " & college & "<br>"
       HTML = HTML & "Graduation Date: " & graddate & "<br>"      
       HTML = HTML & "Degree: " & degree & "<br>"      
       HTML = HTML & "Date of Birth: " & dob & "<br>"              
       HTML = HTML & "Comments: " & comments & "<br>"
     HTML = HTML & "<p align = ""center"">This email has been auto-generated; Please do not respond.</p>"
     HTML = HTML & "</body>"
     HTML = HTML & "</html>"

     objMail.BodyFormat=0 '0= HTML, 1=Text

     objMail.Body = HTML

Response.write("Mail was Sent")

'You must always do this with CDONTS.
 set objMail = nothing

End If

once to have connected the sql and asp, the login would be too hard, there are tons of resources online,


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Expert Comment

ID: 12122291
The way I would tackel it via hand codeing would be somthing like this:

If Request.ServerVariables("Request_Method") = "POST" then

'get the text form emailaddress and saves it to a variable
var_emailaddress = request.form("emailaddress")

'connect to your database
'then run this sql

SELECT emailaddress, password  FROM users WHERE emailadress LIKE 'var_emailaddress'

'then you will have to find wheather the emailaddress is valid
'if so then set teh  password to variables and send email

if (yourrecordsetname).Fields.item("emailaddress").Value <> "" then

var_password = (yourrecordsetname).Fields.item("password").Value

Dim objMail
Dim strBody

 Set objMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")

    objMail.From    = "your email address"
    objMail.Subject = "your password"
    objMail.To      = var_emailaddress


     HTML = HTML & "<html>"
     HTML = HTML & "<head>"
     HTML = HTML & "<title>Sending Email</title>"
     HTML = HTML & "</head>"
     HTML = HTML & "<body bgcolor=""FFFFFF"">"
     HTML = HTML & "<p align = ""center"">This email has been auto-generated; Please do not respond.</p>"
     HTML = HTML & "</body>"
     HTML = HTML & "</html>"

     objMail.BodyFormat=0 '0= HTML, 1=Text

     objMail.Body = HTML

Response.write("Mail was Sent")

 set objMail = nothing

'redirect to your password has been sent page ro something

'ends the valid email and sends email
end if

'emai wasnt valid

end if

this is a rough guidline and was written without testing, becasue I dont know how you are connecting the sql with asp, and the connection names would be a mess.  
I hope this gets you in the right direction.



Author Comment

ID: 12154305
JI rockman

Thanks matey thank works a treat!

wila :)

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