Limksys WRT54G-EU to Netgear WG602

Posted on 2004-09-22
Last Modified: 2012-05-05

This ones a puzzle to.  Why else would I be posting here :)

Have a Telewest broadband connection, so have one of thier modems which a Linksys WRT54G wireless router is plugged into.  This has it's default internal IP range of and is set to give DHCP addresses out.  Works fine for a latop in the same room.  We set up a new SSID on both the router and laptop.  Obviously as we move away the signal gets weaker.  So a Netgear WG602 wireless access point was purchased to allow further distance to get connections in other rooms.  The default IP for the netgear is so it's a different range to the linksys.  Connnected by cable and changed the default SSID to the same as the router and laptop and also changed the IP to, so we're in the same range as the linksys router.  Gave it same subnet and for the gateway used so it should point to the linksys.  Before this it was set to DHCP, but was not sure if this meant as a client or server?

To me all this seemed right?  Someone please correct me if I've missed something :)

If we move the laptop from the linksys room to the netgear room the latop looses it's IP and ends up with the one XP gives when it can't find a DHCP server.  So set up the alternative IP as, subnet and gateway of and it shows in ipconfig, but we try to ping get no response.  Should the gateway be, being the netgear router, which would then pass the traffic on to the linksys?

Or is there a need to alter the config on the linksys to allow it to forward traffic on and receive requests from other wireless access points?

Tried to be as comprehensive as possilbe in giving information.  If more needed let me know.

All help greatly appreciated.


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Accepted Solution

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ID: 12124359
1. get rid of the Netgear AP
2. Get a LINKSYS 802.11G Wireless-G Range Extender, Model WRE54G I think.

I am assuming that you cannot locate your Linksys wireless AP in a more central location.

Author Comment

ID: 12124407
I was hoping there would be another way?  Are different makes so incompatible with each other?

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ID: 12124428
How big is your house?? It must have be quite big or maybe you have lead walls if the AP can't reach more than one room.

Have you configured the Linksys so that it knows the Netgear is a bridge and set up the netgear in bridge mode?
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ID: 12124984
It does reach, but the signal drops from 50Mps down to 4 -5 in the office/study.

Your last comment is probably what's needed.  We made no extra changes to the linksys to tell it the netgear is a bridge and I'm not sure we've set the netgear up in bridge mode.  I suppose all this will be in the manuals?  Though I don't recall anything obvious about setting up bridge modes.  Can you offer any pointers in this direction?  Is there where we have to put in MAC addresses etc, or is there just a button we click to say you're a bridge now?



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ID: 12125139
Ermm, I've not used that exact model of Linksys box before, but the WAP54G I have used has an option to configure it as a bridge. You need to put in the MAC of the other device, so in this case, the MAC of your netgear AP.

BUT, it does say this on the Linksys AP configuration page which may put a downer on things......

Note: When set to "Wireless Bridge" mode, this device will only communicate with another Linksys Access Point (WAP54G, WAP11 v.2.6, WAP11 v.2.2, WAP11).

If you try the above just to see IF it does work you will probably have to do some changes on the netgear AP. I have not used a netgear AP but I would assume that there would be an option to configure bridge mode also.

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ID: 12129860
"Are different makes so incompatible with each other?"

ABSOLUTELY.  They almost never work cross-brand.   What you are trying to do will not work.  The only way it work close to what you want is if you get a 100ft ethernet cable and connect them.

I totally agree with netspec01.  Get the repeater.  Works great with the WRT54G.  I've set it up.  Also works with the WAP54G & WAP11, but not the WRK54G.

You could also do as LiamGrant suggested and purchase an additional WRT54G(v2 only - both) and bridge them.  With Linksys they should be identical regardless of what the box says, or the Japanese translated firmware page for that matter.  Unless you want to get mad and upset yourself get the repeater.  Just a thought.

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ID: 12130319
I am going to agree with the above mentioned "They almost never work cross-brand."

The way you currently have it set up would work, in terms of IP addressing.  Leave the Linksys (core switch) as the gateway for the workstations, as that is the Distribution switch in this case - the point of contact to the WAN.

If wireless bridging does wind up working between the two different vendors, then you're in luck.  If not, prepare to spend some more money.

Author Comment

ID: 12198807
Well, getting the same make, linksys wireless access point worked.

Thanks for all pointer here.


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ID: 12199336
Glad we could help.  I ran into this exact scenario a couple of months ago with one of my clients.  

It is unfortunate that interoperability isn't quite where it should be.  Crypto today reminds me of PCMCIA in its early days (prior to win95 & PnP).  In a couple of years we can look back and laugh at what we had to do today!

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ID: 12377054
Try this site......USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!

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