I noticed that when i try to go to my OWA site (webmail.powerpay.biz)  that the security certificate.  How do i have to set the name in IIS to get the cert. that comes with exchange to work properly.  Should i change the common name to exchange?  Or do i have to by a seperate ssl certificate?

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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The prefered option would be to purchase a certificate. This will stop error messages appearing on machines where the certificate isn't installed.

A certificate has a name attached to it, and if the name on the certificate doesn't match the name you are using then you will get an error.

For example, if the certificate was issued in the name of "server1" but you use https://server1.domain.com then the names don't match. Similarly using something like mail.domain.com will cause the error.
if you decide to go for a certificate, decide what name you want to use both internally and externally. "mail.domain.com" is a common choice. Then configure your internal DNS to point "mail.domain.com" at the Exchange server. The server doesn't have to be called that - just the name in the browser and the name in the certificate need to match.


the common name should be : webmail.powerpay.biz

that is all.
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