DVD ROM Drive Not working

Posted on 2004-09-22
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Last Modified: 2012-08-13
I have compaq presario 700 series laptop.
The DVD ROM has suddenly stopped working.
It is making a sound immediatley after closing with or without the Cd in it. The sound stays for 10 seconds and then stops.

I checked in "My Computer" -> Properties -> "Hardware" -> Device Manager.
It is whown working properly.

I uninstalled the drivers and installed the drivers again. It did not change anything.

Is there any way i can know what is wrong with my DVD ROM. Before it stopped working the last thing i had done was to burn a CD on it.

What is the next course of action ?
How can i make sure none of the cable connecting the DVD ROM is not loose or anything like that.

Please help me !
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Hello from Bratislava,

Insert a blank CD-R (better than CD-RW), open a burning software like Nero and let him go over Media-info, Recorder tests, and speed tests. See yourself the results you get. I frequently have problems with CD and DVD drives that are not used frequently, as if a drive which is not used gets dirty with accumulated dust and breaks down. No recovery possible, I am afraid, but sometimes cleaning may help, but usually not for a long time. In notebooks, the reading crystal gets dirty quite easily, but luckily it is well accessible for contingent cleaning with alcohol and/or soft tissue - the best is a isopropyl alcohol and the thing from microfibre you can buy for cleaning your glasses.

I do no really understand what you meant by uninstalling and installing the drivers for your DVD drive. There are no drivers for MS Windows for CD or DVD drives to be delivered by manufacturer usually. As I understood it, you removed the DVD drive from your Device manager and then restarted the computer and let Windows to add it back again.

I hope you eliminated a possibility of a media problem - tried other types of media and also standard silver CD discs, such as original Music CDs or original CDs from computer components manufacturers or from magazines.

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ID: 12131798
The sounds you describe are usually a normal sounds caused by movement of reading head. If they are not especially loud or unusual, they are probably OK. The sounds are essentially the same whether or not the CD is inserted. After the CD is recognzed, it will start to circle and you can hear a sound as if an jet aeroplane is starting to roll on. If you do not hear this sound, then apparently the drive did not recognized it at all.

If the sounds are unusually loud or strange, there may be something broken or loose inside. On one occasion, I was able to get CD drive running by disaasembling it, cleaning it all inside, and screewing all loosed screews, especially the one on the reading head, and assembling it all again, but I must say the CD drive was not fully reliable anymore - it was not reading all the media, although it was able to read most of them, so I had to replace it ultimately anyway.

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ID: 12133042
thx for replying.

*****I do no really understand what you meant by uninstalling and installing the drivers for your DVD drive.***
Right click on "My Computer" -> Properties -> "Hardware" -> Device Manager. ->DVd/Cd ROM Drive -> "YOUR CD ROM DRIVE"

Right click on "YOUR CD ROM DRIVE" -> Properties -> Driver -> Uninstall
Thta is what i  meant by it.

****I hope you eliminated a possibility of a media problem ****
Yes i have tried all sorts of media.  when i clcik on the DVd /Cd Drive i get this error:

Windows cannot read from this Disk. The disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with Windows.

This error shows up whenver i click on the Cd / DVD Drive on all sorts of media.

Yes the sound is unusually loud. It wasnt like this before.
When i insert the Cd/ DVD the sound is loud and last for 10 seconds.
After inserting the Cd the green light on the CD/ DVD ROM keeps on flashing as if it is trying to read it but cannot read.

How can i take my Cd /DVD Rom drive out of my notebook ?
is there any online visual for that ?

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ID: 12133087
For the nero thing you said
i tried running the "Test Drive"
But the "Start" button is "greyed" out. i cannot click on it.
something is wrong. I suspect loose connection somehwere . but i am not sure.

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ID: 12149051
A request has been made to delete this question. If anyone has objection please let me know.

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ID: 12158631
Hi from Bratislava.

Strange sounds do not necessarily mean the drive is damaged, they occur also in good drives whenever a problematic, defective, scratched, or otherwise hardly readable media is inserted. The problem may not lie in media itself, but also in a corrupted firmware of the drive.

Thus, try to update the firmware of your combo drive. Once I had a CDRW Mitsumi drive which had the same problems you have and the only thing that helped was to update the firmware, the problem usually returned back after 12 month when I had to repeat the procedure, but in meantime the drive was working fine, perhaps because of unreliable flash memory. As I found on this interesting site:


the correct fix should be the SP24108 fix likely available here:


You can not upgrade your DVD drive firmware from Windows or when running on battery only. The patch should create a bootable diskette, which will do the job, checking before if you have compatible hardware, so do not be afraid. Hope this helps.

Otherwise, it looks like you did not inspected, or dared to clean the CD drive lens that should be readily accessible. Surely do it before disassembling your drive and trying other things.

In notebooks, CD drives are usually secured only by a mechanic switch or single screw, to be easily removable. Try to inspect the reverse side of your notebook, it's different for each one. On CQ Presario 700 notebook, I found some info on disassembly here:


Good luck, and better do not close this thread before trying the abovementioned suggestions.

Author Comment

ID: 12165903
thanks for all the suggestions.

1. First thing i did was to clean the Cd Lens .
2. When i insert Cd / DVD [any type] i get this error message on clciking the DVD ROM drive in "My Computer"
Windows cannot read from this Disk. The disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with Windows.

Firmware might be a problem.
Before this had happened i had burned one CD on my drive. After burning when i put in another Cd to burn the drive did not respond.

3. Here is the link i had for compaq 700 series dissembly

4. The DVD ROM drive is from TEAC. TEAC DW 28E

And i dont see any firmware available for my drive on this site.

I am still looking into it.

Will post later.

iCe b


Author Comment

ID: 12166296
The TEAC DW 28E DVD ROM driver is not available.
The compaq people do not undertand they have to provide it.

The TEAC Corporation website says

The products you can see here are sold to our OEM customers , PC manufacturers, system integrators and add-on kit makers not directly to end users. We provide direct technical support only to our OEM customers.
The firmware update for our standard versions is supported on this web site. However, we cannot support the firmware update for OEM versions (special firmware) here.
Product details, after service and support are available directly from our OEM customers and their authorized distributors and dealers.

menaing compaq is responsible for the firmware.

Do you have any other suggestion ?

This http://www.walterswebsite.us/drivers.htm 
has nothing on my problem.

This id for LG Drives.


Author Comment

ID: 12166402
ok .
after 1 2 hour search i am able to find a firmware. But i am not sure whether this is to be used on compaq.

there are two downloads one for ibm computer and i dont know about the second one.

as a final resort : i emailed TEAC and compaq. Although i dont expect anything from them . That was my last try.


Author Comment

ID: 12168322
This is the reply i received from COMPAQ.
I see the DVD-ROM drive is not working and that you would like to obtain
the firmware update for the drive.

I regret to inform that the required firmware update is not available
for download. However, the issue could be resolved by cleaning the drive
lens by using cleaning kit. I suggest you contact our retailers to
obtain the DVD drive cleaner.

HP has a network of authorized retailers and resellers within the U.S.
You can find the nearest HP authorized retailer by visiting the
following Web site:


Under the "other ways to buy" section, click "find Compaq retailers"
option.  Enter the required details in the Web form and click the
"find" button.  This will display a list of Compaq retailers nearest to
your location.

Hope this information helps.


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