On-line shopping ASP and SQL advice


I would like some advice on ASP and SQL and its use on a web site for on-line shopping – i.e. shopping cart.

This is for internal use in a company and it looks like ASP and SQL are the only compatible languages we can use.

Could someone please advise on this.

Is this a suitable language to use for this. If so why is this a good or bad one to use for this ? and what would our alternatives be if this is not suitable.

Additionally has anyone any advise on how to approach this or web site or books which would be good to use ?

Many thanks


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aspmaestroConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can go for ASP or ASP.Net/PHP/JSP for development of your shopping cart application with the backend as SQL server/MySQL/Oracle. So, if you say that ASP/SQL are the only compatible tools for you then you are wrong. You can go for ASP.Net or PHP or JSP as well. That depends on the programming expertise  and personal taste.

However, I think that if you go for ASP.NET or ASP with SQL/Oracle it would be a smooth ride for you as a lots of resources are widely available on Internet for that, along with forums/community support for that. ASP.Net will need VB.net or C# or Jscript.net as the language and asp.net has lots many advantages over Classical ASP like event driven model, faster execution, ease of maintenance, better state management .. to state a few.

Im suggesting the following books for ASP 3.0 :
1> Beginning ASP by Wrox
2> E commerce prog. using ASP in 21 days (Techmedia)

For ASP.Net :
1> Beginning ASP.NET ( with vb.net or c# -- both are available) by Wrox
2> Professional ASP.Net (-do-)
3> ASP.NET Unleashed

As for the online help and community support, following sites are useful:

1>. www.4guysfromrolla.com
2>. a yahoo group called active-server-pages
3>. www.asp101.com
4>. www.w3schools.com
5> Not to forget our own super support site experts-exchange.com :)

Would you like to know anything more ! happy programming !
LeviterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can choose a lot of languages and backend systems.... ASP with SQL Server (I assumed with 'SQL' you meant 'SQL Server') is a good choice and there are a lot of samples and information on various websites.

Here is one sample... It should help you get started: http://www.asp101.com/samples/shopping.asp
I forgot to say......

I would also use ASP + SQL Server, but that is because I have more experience with this combination than with other systems, like PHP + MySQL. The choice of system would (for me at least) depend on the knowledge I already have.

I would run ASP on an IIS server... enable sessions and store the 'ordered' products in the session. This would be the easiest way to work. No hassle of cookies....   :-)
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gisvpnAuthor Commented:

Many thanks for your post, the web site look brilliant thank you for the link will be very useful.


Thank you for your post, excellent ! Could i ask what are the differences between ASP and ASP.NET, is ASP.NET a new replacement of ASP ?

Also we are designing a basic on-line shopping site. Would ASP or ASP.NET be more suitable than the other ?

Many thanks again
hi gisvpn,
asp.net is part of the .net family intended for developing enterprise web projects. asp.net has not been developed to replace asp as it has been created from the ground up and contains a loads of new features and performance benefits compared to the classic asp.

-asp.net makes use of the rich languages like vb.net, C# instead of the limited functional language - vbscript for asp.

-asp.net code is compiled whereas the asp code is interpreted (hence the performance boost in asp.net )

-asp.net makes use of the object oriented concepts of overloading/inheritance etc. and also supports exception handling

-ASP .NET has better language support, a large set of new controls and XML based components, and better user authentication.

-better state management in asp.net and the sessions can span across web servers as in the web farms.

-asp.net has rich server controls and is event driven. also contains lots of validation controls for client side validation.

You can find a detailed set of differences bet. asp/asp.net on this link:

For your basic shopping cart application, asp would suffice but asp.net would always be better than asp ! you can also find lots of support for commerce applications in asp.net like the "Commerce starter kit" on www.asp.net (http://www.asp.net/Default.aspx?tabindex=8&tabid=47).

Let me know if you need more help ! Bye.
Following are good sites for asp.net resources:

1. www.asp.net
2. www.gotdotnet.com
3. microsoft site
4. www.dotnetspider.com
5. aspnet.4guysfromrolla.com

these sites will always be helpfull for development resources for asp.net.
glad to help you ! feel free to post your projects' doubts/problems .. bye
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