Netscape image as spacer

I am trying to clean up some code and make a website look the same in both netscape and IE, the problem is the person who wrote the code used tons of little images as spacers... these images dont show up in netscape? is there anyway force images that are the same color of the bg to show up so I can keep the spacing they create in IE?
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ZylochConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not sure why you need the spacer when you can just set explicit widths for your <div>, for instance you have it class="style11 style1", it wouldn't be too much trouble to set a style="width:40px;" or whatever.

Anyhow, I'm assuming WEB_ROOT is defined in your PHP and that this displays fine in IE? Then what version of NN are you using? The code looks prety ok.
Hi bliesveld,

Looks like a bad case of fudged layout. We won't know why the images don't show unless we see the source code. We'll also prefer to know which versio of NN or IE.

If worst comes to worst, we might recommend you redesign the layout, but it all depends on the source =)

bliesveldAuthor Commented:
here is an example...

      <div align="right" class="style11 style1">
                   <span class="style14">general</span>
                   <span class="style15"> categories <?php echo $subcat ?><img src="<?php echo WEB_ROOT.'includes/blue_bg.jpg'?>" width="12" height="1"></span>
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bliesveldAuthor Commented:
<img src="<?php echo WEB_ROOT.'includes/blue_bg.jpg'?>" width="12" height="1">

beign the image....
bliesveldAuthor Commented:
ya I was hoping there might be a way to save the img's to make them show, but I am just going to move the site more to CSS...
Feel free to post here if you need help.
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