hardwarerouter with bandwidth limiter/traffic shaper per IP/mac

I live in a house with 9 other people. With 8 of them I share my internet connection (wireless). I'm looking for a hardwarerouter which has a bandwidth limiter/traffic shaper per IP/mac. I'd rather have a webinterface or something than using telnet to configure the router. So it has to be simple, and of course not too expensive :). It needs to be just a router (or maybe a switch included), not an access point included. I also need port forwarding for people who want to use bittorrent or whatever, but if you know a better solution for this problem, then that's ok too.

I will submit points to the person that submits the most suitable router for my needs.

Thank you,

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If you want a router that does that you are going to be paying a 100 +
You can use software http://www.netlimiter.com 
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