How To Access Linux GUI From Windows


i am using 2 RedHat Advanced Server in my office.

Both the Server have GNOME installed and GUI is working fine.

Can any Body suggest me how to Access the Linux Graphics/Desktop from Remote Location(Windows Client).

i want to administer these servers from Remote Location.

Waiting for Quick Response.

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good program.
you can install it on windows and remotely use the linux box.
you can even use the kde or gnome.
You need some PC X application reflexion, exceed are commercial
have a look at:
With linux you dont need to use the GUI to administer it, everything can be done on the CLI.  I suggest installing sshd on the linux box and get something like PuTTY to use as the client on the win32 box.
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If you want a remote-desktop like setup, try <a href="http:/">VNC</a>. Otherwise, you need an X server, which will allow you to run X programs remotely and have them display on your Windows client. I'd recommend <a href="">Cygwin</a> as it is free and quite good.
If you like to use the gui then this is good
 But like zuralin You do not need the gui to administer a Linux box you should learn the CLI
  Faster and more productive then any GUI could ever be.
What I use is Putty (mentioned above) to create an ssh tunnel to the linux box, then I use VNC (also mentioned above) for the remote control application. It is a very stable and with the correct firewall rules quite secure solution.

If you need exact instructions on how to set it up let me know. I also agree that the remote gui is not the best way to administer the box.
depending on what  you're looking for webmin might also be a viable alternative

Try this product which is free and very easy to configure:-
FreeNX is also a option.

It doesent show you what is on the screen of the box you connect to, but instead spawns you a whole new desktop that only you can see ... full X, works well. I'm still testing it, just need to figure out how to make it start from boot ( on the server box )
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