Dos based printing


How it is possible to write an ActiveX dll component for dos based printing.
The printing is be done in asp

thanks in advance
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RanjeetRainConnect With a Mentor Commented:
IMO, you do not have much to worry about. May be I haven't understood you fully, but if I have, you are slightly confused.

DOS based printing is not same as TEXT mode printing. While DOS typically prints in character mode (notice that I am saying character mode and not text mode), Windows typically does in Graphics mode. Do you see the sifference? A character mode printer may not be able to print graphics, but the reverse is not true.

Which printers are you targetting? Are you targetting to print with DMPs? Or will you be printing with modern printers (Deskjets/Inkjets/Laserjets)?

If you want to print with modern printers, stop worrying. Just set the font to a mono-spaced fotn before sending the print data to the printer and you are okay. Mono-spaced fonts (Courier/System/Terminal) are almost same as their character mode counterparts and they will print equally neatly.

Please let me know if there are gaps.
I am not sure what you mean. If you maen Text mode printing, the answer is - yes, why not.

DOS based printing typically means writing to PRN/LPT1 device (did i get you correctly?). You may write a program to write data to PRN. But Windows uses these devices slightly differently. Direct manipulation of these devices is not allowed.

Which OS do you want it for? YOu may possibly describe your need more clearly.
riyasjefAuthor Commented:

windows 2000, I have to implement a text mode printing component for a "point of Sale" project. Parameters are passed from the database, formatting should be done and I should be able to call it from asp.

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riyasjefAuthor Commented:
Sorry windows 2000 or 98
riyasjefAuthor Commented:
I am targetting the DotMatrix printer. No graphics required..But is it possible with asp with the same speed as in the case of a desktop application?

Let me know some more details please..



The speed of printing has nothing to do with ASP. That depends on the client you use and in turn the printer driver that the client uses and in turn printer's own capability.

I give you some food for thought:

(1) ASP doesn't print, ASP generate HTML, which causes the webbrowser (IE/NN/Opera) to initiate a print process.
(2) Once the client (IE/NN/Opera) initiates printing, OS takes over.
(3) OS sends the data to the printer driver, which the driver sends over to the printer.
(4) The printer prints at the maximum speed possible.
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