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Wireless internet connection via PC and router

I have a PC running Windows XP which is connected to the internet via an adsl connection using an adsl router. The PC also has an 802.11b wireless card. I also have a laptop running windows xp which has an 802.11b/g card. I can connect to the PC using the wireless. However I have not been able to connect to the internet on the laptop using the wireless.
I have tried enabling Internet sharing on the wireless connecting on the PC but it states that internet sharing cannot be enabled due to an IP address conflict on the network and ICS requires the host to be configured to use and asks that no other client on the network is configured to use
Can you help be please
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1 Solution
The problem you are having is due to the wired ADSL router basically doing its own version of internet connection sharing to provide all the IP information to any device connected to it via the wired network.  The easiest way to solve yourproblem would be to replace the Wired ADSL router with a wireless one.  Then the main PC can still be connected using a network cable.  (Wireless routers still have at least one RJ45 connection to allow configuration) and the laptop connects directly to the router via the wireless connection.  If you want you can still set up sharing between the laptop and the Main pc as before.

The only way i know of otherwise is very tricky as you would have to set up a bridge between the Wired and wireless network connections on the Main PC.
ICS default the Gateway computer (your PC) to this is why you are getting an ip conflict because your ADSL router is also set to  

My recommendation would be to use a Wireless ADSL router (like a Dlink DI-510). this will allow you to disable ICS...just plug the Dlink into the ADSL router and follow setup instructions...however if your ADLS modem is USB then your will not be able to take this route.

The steps to change the ICS settings are difficult, so the best route to take would be change your setting on the ADSL router.  

Step one Disable ICS (make sure this is done on both PC and Laptop)
Step two Make sure your PC is set for DHCP (make sure this is done on both PC and Laptop)
Step three reboot (make sure this is done on both PC and Laptop)
Step four open a web browser to
at this point you should be able to change the LAN settings on the ADSL router...change the 3rd octet to something other than 0 (192.168.x.1)...make sure you change the DHCP scope to match.

reboot router, PC, and Laptop
Technicon-SGCommented: the router make and model and I will try to give you exact instructions on how to do the above task
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dklon985Author Commented:
I have a dlink 504 dsl router, which has 4 ethernet ports. Could a wireless access point be used insted of a wireless router?
absolutely...the DWL-2100AP(or another model) should work fine...however the router actually cost less than an AP.  Just replace the 504 you have now (the wireless routers also have ethernet ports).

DI-514 wireless router (B)....$39.99

DWL-900AP+ (B)....$64.99

DI-524 wireless router (G)....$56.99

DWL-2100AP (G)....$93.99

PS...You can use the router as a bridge and save the money
OHHH...I forgot to mention that after you have done the changes that I noted above to your current config, you can the turn ICS back on.  After this you will not need the extra hardware...however I still recommend the hardware me it will save you alot of issues in the future (ICS is problematic).
dklon985Author Commented:
With regard to your instructions as to changing ICS could you explain your 4th step since I do not quite understand what exactly I should do.

Also, why do wireless routers cost less than access points?
routers cost less because they are mass the demand for routers is greater than the demand for APs.

here is a link to documentation on your router

Step 4 is the step to allow you to configure your router.

open a web browser
in the address bar type "" (without the quotes)
click login at the bottom of the page
as you are unfamiliar with this step it is unlikely that you have been here before so the login should be the factory default
user : admin
password :admin
at this point you will be able to see the router setup page
on the left hand side open the "configuration" link
under configuration you should see "Ethernet IP Address" click here
you should see the IP address of
Change the 0 to a 2
Click OK
you will be prompted to let the router automatically change the DHCP scope
Click OK
you will be prompted to restart the router
restart now

Your done with the router....reboot your PC and make sure you can still get to the Internet
If you can get to the can now enable ICS
reboot your laptop and check to see if you can get to the internet.

All Done

Pretty sure I posted the solution to the users issue...User was active in participation with this question...User posted no results pos or neg after my last post...I would like to assume that my solution worked for the user.
dklon985Author Commented:
Sorry. I have not been able to try this technique using the hardware solution since I went to uni. Will try when I get back home though.
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