You win. Your spending at EE?

Two part question:

You win the $64,000.00 (USD) question.  You decide to spend it all to buy points on EE.

1) How many points can you buy, total?

2) Would you, now, be the expert with the most points?

All points to first respondent with BOTH answers.  Show your work or accept my math.
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dhsindyRetired considering supplemental income.Asked:
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Arthur_WoodConnect With a Mentor Commented:
at a rate to 1000 points for $12.95, you could purchase 4,942,000 points, and yes that you make you the #1 'expert'.

2) when you buy points, you are actually purchasing Question Points, not 'EXPERT POINTS' - Question points are the currency by which you evaluate the 'worth' of a question when you ask it , and these are then awared to the answerer when he/she provides an accepted answer to the question.  They are then converted to the 'Expert Points' earned by that answerer.  However, Question Points and Expert Points are NOT the same thing, and are not interchangeable.

For example, at the present time, I pewrsonally have something in excess of 1,014,000 Expert Points, but only 4203 Question Points.  That means that I could (if I were so inclined) ask 8 high value questions (500 points each).  I cannot use the Expert Points to ask lots of questions.  

So you second question is essentially meaningless.

dhsindyRetired considering supplemental income.Author Commented:

My mistake.  For the sake of this question only, assume all points are the same - purchased points are added to your current expert points - disregard available points for asking questions.
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Well, I not 1st, so before reading other submissions and letting even more respondees get in line ahead of me .............................

1) All

2) No

>  with BOTH answers


> accept my math

OK, I accept 64K result.  Payable in silver or gold?
dhsindyRetired considering supplemental income.Author Commented:
Thanks for everyones input.

Sorry, SunBow.  Maybe next time.

NOTE: For those that may be interested CrazyOne has about 3.8 million points at the moment.
Arthur_Wood> question is essentially meaningless

I agree.
Another problem here is in space/Time.

> Show your work

example: I recall pts offered at one for ten. A .1 gets 1.  My value assessment was 10 for .01 so (a) no matter how much money was available, I'd spend zero for points and use the rest for something else, such as a nicer vehicle. (b) the price per point is not a constant in either history or any physical reality.  What this means is, after purchase of the first point, there can be no validity to presumption that the cost will be same for 2nd point or any other. Just look at stock market for goos sense of price stabilizing over time.

example: There is capability for numerous askers to offer an unlimited number of points. Without any fixed ceiling.  What this translates to is that any member who responds has the capability of receiveing an unlimited number of points, and that includes not only me + 64k, but all other participants in this thread.

Concluding, that without other information available, one cannot predict

> the expert with the most points?

throughout space/time, However we can say that we each have a chance to reach a tie with others, having a point total of "unlimited", but no way to tell, or predict either of us going any higher.  So while you or I could have the highest total points, since we cannot guarantee that no one else would seize same opportunities, we'd not be only one with highest total.  

Total points change with the times, and time is not frozen for competition

> 2) Would you, now, be the expert with the most points?

(barring expunging of recordable materiel)
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