Windows 2003 blue screens on boot after Veritas tape driver installation

I installed Veritas Backup Exec 9.1, and afterward noticed that Backup Exec could not recognize my 4mm DAT tape drive.  The drive was using Microsoft-provided drivers.  I downloaded the Veritas drivers, rebooted, and my server is in a blue screen loop.  It gets to the GUI boot screen with the 2003 logo & progress bar, then blue screens and reboots before I can read it.

I managed to catch part of the message:  IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL_TO.  A Google search turned up several similar situations, though the solutions are hard to find.  In my case, I cannot even boot into Safe mode.  I attempted a Repair via Windows Setup, but no luck there either.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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From XP Resource Kit-

Using Recovery Console to Disable Services
If you are unable to start Windows XP Professional in normal or safe mode, the cause might be an incorrectly configured driver or service that has caused a Stop message. Stop messages might provide information about the service or driver name, such as a file name. By using Recovery Console, you might be able to disable the problem component and allow the Windows XP Professional startup process to continue in normal or safe mode.

To enable or disable services by using Recovery Console

At the Recovery Console prompt, type listsvc.
The computer displays the service or driver name, startup type, and possibly a friendly driver or service name. Record the name of the driver or service that you want to enable or disable.

To disable a driver, type:
disable drivername

To enable a driver, type:
enable drivername start_type

Possible values for start_type are:


Follow the above.  Hopefully you know the name of the veritas driver file.

good luck
arnetguruAuthor Commented:
As a follow-up, I've attempted the following:

- Safe Mode, Safe Mode w/ Networking, Safe Mode w/ Command Prompt, Last Known Good Config, and Debugging Mode

I can run the Recovery Console from the Win2003 disk, but am not sure what changes I should make once there.

It appears Microsoft has an updated Storport.sys driver that may fix this, but I'm not sure how I can apply it in my current situation.
The answer is in the recovery console...  you can stop the driver from starting on boot.  I cannot remember the commands.  Search the internet of MS Support for how to do this.  If I have time I will look up the commands.

hope this helps
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arnetguruAuthor Commented:
Ok. New Data.  I don't know if this is a result of disabling the 4mmdat--VRTS driver or not, but I'm now getting the following in my looping blue screens:

Page_Fault_In_Nopaged_Area (or that's as close as I can read it in less than a second).

Searching on this seems to indicate a memory error.  

I'm starting to wonder if I have to rebuild my server (which is my DC and Exchange server).  Ugh.

A memory error does not need a rebuild...  Simply test the memory and replace it... is a great tool for any hardware problems...  If you use it, please send them a donation.

arnetguruAuthor Commented:
This is what was done to fix it:

Situation: System will not boot normally, or using any Safe Mode option

1.  Boot to the Recovery Console
2.  Backup the current System hive in c:\windows\system32\config to System.bad
3.  Copy the System hive created during Windows installation from c:\windows\repair to c:\windows\system32\config
4.  Boot into safe mode (normal boot still fails at this point)
5.  Open Regedit, click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.   File->Load Hive.  Point to saved System.bad hive
6.  Search the hive for Veritas tape driver name and removed all references
7.  Unloaded hive (File->Unload hive)
8.  Deleted Veritas Tape Driver from c:\windows\system32\driver directory
9.  Rebooted into Recovery Console
10.  Replaced System hive in c:\windows\system32\config with "cleaned" System hive (System.bad)
11.  Booted into Windows normally

Thank you to everyone for your help.  The recovery console was part of the solution, though the extent of the solution in this case went beyond disabling drivers.  
I just fixed this on my server yesterday.  Found and article on the veritas website.  DocID 261728 as follows.  Call me if you need specifics of what I was running into.  Scott 503-793-0250.  My server was offline for 3 days while trying to figure this one out.

Document ID: 261728 E-Mail this document to a colleague
After the installation of VERITAS Backup Exec (tm) 9.0 revision 4454 or Backup Exec 9.1 revision 4691 device drivers to a Windows 2003 server utilizing the Microsoft "StorPort" driver, a blue screen error may occur upon reboot.
Exact Error Message

After the installation of Backup Exec 9.0 revision 4454 or Backup Exec 9.1 revision 4691 device drivers on a Windows 2003 server, a blue screen (stop error) may occur referencing the device driver if the 2003 server is utilizing Microsoft StorPort driver (Storport.sys). The stop error message will be: "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA" but the driver referenced will vary from system to system depending on the hardware that is installed.

To prevent this blue screen from occurring, make sure the following updates have been applied to the IBM server before proceeding:

The Windows 2000 IBM drivers (not the 2003 drivers) are installed for the SCSI or RAID controller(s) present in the system.
The Microsoft hotfix for StorPort (which is referenced in Microsoft Knowledge Base articles  837413 and 823728) is installed.

UPDATED - Microsoft has released an updated Storport.sys driver that can be referenced on the Microsoft Q article # 838894

Note: The server may continue to blue screen with a "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" error message until this Microsoft patch is applied.

Please perform the following steps to install the latest VERITAS Backup Exec 9.1 - Device Driver Installer (20040515):
1. Install Backup Exec 9.0 revision 4454 or Backup Exec 9.1 revision 4691
2. During the install, do not choose to install VERITAS Tape Device Drivers or Robotic Library Support (Figure 1)
Note: These options are chosen by default so they will have to be deselected.

Figure 1- Install Selections

3. After the installation completes,  do not reboot the server
4. Download the VERITAS Backup Exec for Windows Servers 9.1.4691 Hotfix 19 (See Related Documents section for link to Hotfix 19), and install it
Note: A reboot will be required after installing VERITAS Backup Exec for Windows Servers 9.1.4691 Hotfix 19

5.  After the server reboots, open the Registry Editor (click Start | Run, type "regedit")
    a. Browse to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Veritas\Backup Exec\TapeDrivers key (Figure 2)
    b. Double-click the value Flags to open the Edit DWORD Value dialog box
    c. Change the value to 264 (select the Base | Decimal radio button), click OK and close Regedit
Note: The above registry change will force the BackupExecTapeDeviceDriverInstall_268088.exe (the Device Driver Installation Wizard or DDI) to run the DDI in "Plug and Play" mode. This step is necessary because the latest version of the VERITAS DDI runs in silent mode and no user intervention is possible. The "Plug and Play" drivers must be installed to make this solution work.

Figure 2

5.  Download, extract, and install the latest VERITAS drivers (see the Related Documents section for a link to BackupExecTapeDeviceDriverInstall_268088.exe)
Note: A reboot will be required after installing the VERITAS Tape Device Drivers. After performing the above steps, the server should not blue-screen, and the tape device should be functional using the VERITAS Tape Device drivers.  

Related Documents:

267154: Requirements for using tape devices that are connected to SCSI or Fibre Channel cards using StorPort drivers with VERITAS Backup Exec (tm) 9.x for Windows Servers

267682:   9.1.4691 Hotfix 19 - Device Management (Enhanced error detection for Plug and Play drivers)

268088:   VERITAS Backup Exec (tm) 9.1 - Device Driver Installer (20040515) - Includes Tape Driver Release (20040405) and Robotic Library Release (42) (Intel Only)

Supplemental Material:

System: Ref.# Description
Europa: 2080519  Installing BEWS Driver to Win2003+ServeRAID causes Blue screen
Europa: 2075688  ADAMM does not find devices registered by StorPort drivers
Europa: 2078798  BE Changer Drivers are having issues interfacing with Microsoft StorPort driver.
Europa: 2075645  Tapeinst does not match Microsoft tape drivers to TAPE# names.
Europa: 2079832  Tape Device Drivers not loading during silent install on PowerEdge 2500 or 2600

Microsoft Knowledge Base articles 821138, 823728, and 837413.
Products Applied:
 Backup Exec for Windows Servers 9.0 4454, 9.0 4454 SP1, 9.1, 9.1 4691, 9.1 4691 SP1

Last Updated: July 13 2004 06:08 AM GMT
Expires on: 07-13-2005
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