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Posted on 2004-09-23
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-04
Hi, I have a Laptop that keeps coming up with what looks like a spyware virus. I have used spybot to try and remove but with no joy. Have any of you encountered this error message before???

You ( or a program ) have requested information from

and then it askes which connection you want to use i.e. wireless lan, dragnet, so on and so on.....

I have also used AVG and did pick up various Trojan Horse Dialers but it removed them...

Any Ideas??????
Question by:dglasheen
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Assisted Solution

LRI41 earned 300 total points
ID: 12138141
I put and even parts of it
into "google as well as certain "Adware-spyware"
sites without coming up with anything.  I would suggest that you have your computer scanned at
some of the Pest as well as Anti-Trojan Scans site to see if they pick up anything.


Online Trojan-Check (Remote Portscan)

Is your system infected by Trojans?

Symantec Security Check

PC Flank Make sure you're protected on all sides.


Personal Antispy will find and remove any spy related programs on your system. This anti-spyware program will detect any spyware, including password stealing programs, chat and email logging software, keystroke loggers, screen capturing programs, and various other programs that log your internet activity. It also contains features to show you exactly what was found, and gives you the option to remove the spyware from your system.
Personal Antispy Features:
·      Created specially for Windows 2000 and Windows XP to find and remove modern spy software.
·      Unique spy software detection algorithm protects your privacy.
·      Quick scan module verifies that no spy related software has been installed on your pc.
·      Spyware removal module allows you to completely remove spyware.
·      Shows you all spy programs found and all other suspicious monitoring programs installed.
·      Includes sample spy software - Perfect Keylogger and Home Keylogger. You can test how Personal Antispy detects spy software!
·      Scans your memory to find running spy software without long hard disk scanning.
·      Creates HTML report containing scanning results to send to our support team.
·      Finds new invisible keyloggers that were created specially for Windows 2000 and Windows XP
·      Has easy and simple to use interface.
·      Free to download and to try
·      Low price.

Personal Antispy works on Windows 2000 and Windows XP only!

Keylogger Hunter 1.0

Utility for detection the activity of keyboard monitoring programs presumably running on your PC.
Keylogger Hunter is distributed as freeware.
Only for Windows XP, 2000, NT

BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger Lite 1.0


When you're on the Internet, you're vulnerable to all kinds of malicious code. Your antivirus software will weed out some of the Trojan horses, and your firewall will stop some malicious users from getting inside your PC. But to rid your system of the other bad stuff--poisoned Java and ActiveX Web scripts, for example--you'll need a program that's dedicated to doing just that. PestPatrol stops password crackers; keystroke logging; ad-serving software, cookies, Trojan horses; and possible distributed denial-of-service attacks, making it a crucial safeguard for your desktop or network server. If you want to keep your computer and data

 Tauscan is a powerful, easy-to-use trojan horse detection and removal system that protects your computer from trojans. It's not enough to make your system virus-free. You also need to detect, block, and remove the trojans and other backdoor threats to your privacy. Tauscan provides peace of mind by running quietly in the background, and

Detecting all classes of trojans, before they get a grip on your system;
Removing the infections, not only from computer memory, but from your hard drive and Windows Registry, too; and
Examining every application that you launch to make sure you're not sending private information to unauthorized people.



PestPatrol News July/August 2003 issue
Date:      8/11/2003 6:34:06 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Thanks to everyone who helped with the launch of PestScan last month - and to all of you who've tried it since. If you haven't tried PestScan yet, go to and see for yourself. Tens of thousands of people have scanned their PCs for spyware since we launched PestScan just two weeks ago, so we think we can chalk that one up as a successful launch!

Excellent Online Spyware Detection

langalist] LangaList Standard Edition 2003-08-25  
Date: 8/24/2003 11:18:54 PM Pacific Daylight Time

In reply to ,
where we mentioned a new online spyware detection service from
PestPatrol ( ) , reader Jim Eshelman wrote:

     Fred... I thought I'd mention that I've had free
     adware/spyware online scanning on my site for several months
     now at

     All I've actually done is implement locally Andrew Clover's
     wonderful parasite scanning script, which your readers can
     also access directly at his goldmine-of-a-site . My implementation is primarily
     a convenience for people already accessing my site, and also a
     page devoted to *nothing but* the parasite scan. In its second
     month it zoomed to be one of the most visited pages on my
     site. I've been using Andrew's scanning script for quite a
     while in a user environment of around 6,000 corporate users,
     and so far it has caught every single major spyware or adware
     item on the user machines. (Spot checking with more intensive
     software finds only a few cookies missed.) This is quite
     valuable in an enterprise setting because the popular and
     reliable tools, such as Ad-Aware, are only free for
     noncommercial use. Where an IT department is willing to budget
     for business copies, one is left to choose between cheating
     and using the freeware anyway (something not high on my list
     of favorite things to do!) or use an alternative tool. The
     Clover scanning script has covered the issue splendidly so
     far.--Jim Eshelman

Thanks, Jim. Well done!

Automatic check of your browser for parasites, adware and spyware

Scan your PC for Spyware by Computer Associates

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Expert Comment

ID: 12138176
You can also download "HighJack this" and then post you Log at the Analysis Site:

Hijack This.


Currently at version: 1.98


HijackThis Log Tutorial

HijackThis log file analysis

HijackThis is a program used by experienced users in order to detect browser hijackers. It allows you to identify any sort of spyware and malware (as well as some trojan horses and worms). This is achieved by scanning special zones of the registry as well as the hard disk drive, the results being listed in a structured window. Another feature of HijackThis is the creation of a log file, which can be saved as a simple text file and opened by any text editor (notepad as default). Until now, inexperienced users, who could not analyze the log file by themselves, had no other choice than posting it in a specialized forum and to hope that a more experienced user takes some time to analyze it. The script presented on this page is a way to analyze your log without help from the outside: simply copy/paste the content of the log file in the textbox below and hit the analyze button. HijackThis is free and does not need to be installed.

 simply copy/paste the content of the log file in the textbox below and hit the analyze button. HijackThis is free and does not need to be installed.


Accepted Solution

Shattuc earned 200 total points
ID: 12149979
Lavasoft Ad-Aware
Spybot S&D
AVG Free
Spyware Blaster
Spyware Guard

These are all programs that can be used by the average computer user without difficulty, and without undesired results.

Lavasoft Ad-Aware will clean up alot of spyware infections.
Spybot S&D will clean up alot of spyware infections.
between these two programs, most of the nasties can be safely removed without damaging other programs.

AVG Free Antivirus is an Excellent Antivirus, especially since it is free. (found a nasty trojan that was giving me Fits for a week)

Spyware Blaster is a program that you only have to run weekly, the settings and changes it makes are static, and you don't need to keep it running for it's protection to work.
It has a large database of Identified, and known spyware/malware/activeX controls. It instructs windows and IE, Firefox, and mozilla browsers not to install or run any of these nasties.

Spyware Guard is like your Antivirus, but for spyware, it is a resident and is always running, if it encounters something that should not be downloaded, by default it will popup a dialog box and ask for instruction.

these last two, will help keep your system running smoothly.

lastly, make sure you do not run TWO antivirus programs at the same time. it can result in conflicts, and leaving your system wide open to attack and infection. (Spyware Guard is not an Anti-Virus and can be run side by side with anti-virus without conflicts)

also in Spybot S&D there is a resident program called tea-timer. it monitors your registry entries and notifies you of changes made to your registry.

If all else fails and you do have an infection, then get a copy of Hijack This. HiJack this is an Advanced Diagnostic tool. not everything it finds should be fixed. if you fix the wrong entry, it can make your system unstable, and even cause some programs to not function. if you must resort to using Hijack This, be sure to consult an expert about your log before you fix anything.
you can find it here.

once you have run the above steps, you may post your HJT log here, or at one of the many forums around the internet, I personally recommend Tom Coyote Forums

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