Hiding Startup form

I have a form called frmLoginForm that when the user opens the program it checks to see if he/she is autorized to access it and if so logs their name, date and time to a table. It then opens the form frmMainMenu that gives them access to the database. I want to hide this for from the users view and run behind the scene. I have my code in the Form_Load property. The problem is the for stays visible after it opens the form frmMainMenu. Here is my code, some please give me an idea, I have tried .hide, .visible = false and nothing seems to work.

      Dim db As Database
      Dim rst As Recordset
      Dim strName As String
      Dim strSQL As String
      Set db = CurrentDb()
      Set rst = db.OpenRecordset("tblOCCTeam")
      strName = GetCurrentChangeName

      If Not rst.EOF Then
            Do While Not rst.EOF
                If strName = rst!LanID.Value Then
                        strSQL = "INSERT INTO tblRecStatus(EmployeeName,Status) " & _
                        "VALUES(" & _
                                    " '" & rst!EmployeeName.Value & " ','" & "Signed On" & "')"
                        Debug.Print strSQL
                        DoCmd.RunSQL (strSQL)
                        DoCmd.OpenForm "frmMainMenu"
                        Exit Sub
                  End If
            MsgBox "You do not have permission to access this Database, Please contact the OCC Team Supervisor if access is needed."
      End If
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JonoBBConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Why even have the frmLoginForm?

You can bypass using that form by calling your code above from the autoexec macro......

That way, your code above will always run automatically, and only open frmMainMenu if they are authorised...

Make sense?
I'd agree you may not need the form.
You could use the autoexec as jono suggested OR
you could put this code in the onOpen event of the mainMenu
or why not just have
docmd.close right before docmd.openform "frmMainMenu"?

tkrpataAuthor Commented:
Didn't even think about that, works great, thanks alot..
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No problem, glad I could help

but howcome you gave the points to waltercook? (Sorry Walter)
Looks like you accepted the wrong one, tk.  If that's the case you can post a question in Community Support with a link to this one and have them change it.

tkrpataAuthor Commented:
Will do, thanks
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