IfMember command for computers?

I am trying to find out if there is a command that will check what group a computer is assigned. Like the IfMember command only for the computer name and not the user.

I am using Windows 2000 server with XP and 2000 clients.

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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This should work; you need to specify a list of groups to check, and the according labels to jump to. The script uses the "net group SomeGroup /domain" command to list the group members and checks if the computer name is listed.

@echo off
:: *** List of groups to check the membership.
:: *** The names of these groups have to be defined as labels as well!
:: *** (see below)
set PrinterGroups=P1Group P2Group

:: ...
:: *** Other logon stuff
:: ...

for %%a in (%PrinterGroups%) do (
  net group %%a /domain | find /i "%ComputerName%$"
  if not errorlevel 1 call :%%a

:: ...
:: *** Other logon stuff
:: ...

goto leave
:: *** Subroutines for printer mapping.
:: *** ALL group names defined in the "PrinterGroups" variable
:: *** must be specified as labels here!

:: *** Printer mapping for P1Group
con2prt.exe \\PrintServer\P1
goto :eof

:: *** Printer mapping for P2Group
con2prt.exe \\PrintServer\P1
goto :eof

Ifmember in what language? Be more specific, please.
KTosserAuthor Commented:
IfMember is an executable command you download from Microsoft as part of the W2K resource kit.
It checks to see what group a user is a member of in Active Directory.  You can then use it to create login scripts that will check a users group membership then execute the script accordingly.  However I need something that will check a workstations membership instead of the users.

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I allways used whoami.exe. I think the computer must be member of the same domain as the user logged on, otherwise the trusts cannot be established. Never heard of user beeing member of a domain and computer not, when talking about w2k and xp.

Tim HolmanCommented:
You mean whether or not a computer is logged onto a domain, and which domain ?
You could get this info from nbtstat -n ?
KTosserAuthor Commented:
No.... I only have one Domain in the network.

I am trying to Wright a login script that will check to see what group in Active Directory the computer (not user) is a member of.  Then install the correct printers based on what group they are in.  That way I can assign printers to computers and no matter who logs into that workstation they get the same printers installed.  I am trying to find out what command I can use in the script that will check the group membership in Active Directory of the computer.

5 computers:  C1, C2, C3, C4, and C5
2 Printers:  P1, and P2
I would have two workstation Groups: P1Group, and P2Group
If I wanted C1 and C4 to have P1 then I would put them in the P1Group and the login script would check that and install P1 because they are members of P1Group.

What command will check the workstation group a computer is a member of in Active Directory.  Even if it is an If/then statement... If P1Group then install P1, If P2Group installs P2.

Hope that makes more cense...

Thank you for helping.

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