global.asa issue using .asp pages in .NET environment

I installed VS.NET and the .NET environment and did a couple sites in  Now I want to do a simple .asp page for somebody and now realize all my .asp sites get the same error.  They used to work fine, but obviously installing .NET screwed up the settings.  I never really understood what the global.asa file did. What do I change to get the .asp pages working?

Active Server Pages, ASP 0134 (0x80004005)
The object has an invalid ProgID of 'MSWC.MyInfo'.
//global.asa, line 1

I have windows XP.  
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OliWarnerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Right click my computer
click manage
expand "services and applications"
rick click "Internet information service"
go to all tasks and click restart IIS
for your global file should be called:
Sorry my bad... read the question wrong... Has been a long day...

Could you print your global.asa file so i can see what's actually causing the error...
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dougfosterNYCAuthor Commented:
Hence, my problem.  I never used global.asa files in my .asp pages.  The ASP sites worked fine, until I installed .NET.  So I guess I need a global.asa file in each of my .ASP sites unless there is a setting to change.

 I put in a blank global.asa file, but that didn't work.  Is there a basic template to use?
No, no global.asa or a blank file called global.asa should work fine...

I've just read that you need to replace the DLL file...
and put it in your C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 folder...

You'll have to restart IIS for that to take effect...

Another fix i've seen is just having a blank global.asa file...
dougfosterNYCAuthor Commented:
Yea, I put in a blank global.asa file, and that didn't work.  I also put in the dll in the system32 diretory and restarted my web site but it still doesn't work.  It seems like it's looking at a different file, because it says:

The object has an invalid ProgID of 'MSWC.MyInfo'.

in the error.  What is that about?  

MSWeb Core i believe...

Have you tried downloading the framework from MS and installing it... or any updates
dougfosterNYCAuthor Commented:
You mean the .NET framework?  Well, yea, I installed it to develop and run .NET apps on my machine.  Those work fine.  I did it a little over a month ago.  I can't believe this is a problem of not being "up to date".  

But something changed on my .ASP page setup.   I can't be the only one who has had this happen..... ugh....
I mean if you installed it off you VS disk it could be out of date...
You should download a copy off their site, uninstall the old version (even if it looks to be the same version) and install the new one...

if you have a blank global.asa, be sure to
- "Unload" your web in IIS
- stop your website
- clean your cache (both client and server)
- restart the computer with the webserver
- and start the website agian in IIS.

should work fine, if not:
scan for:
<OBJECT RUNAT=Server SCOPE=Session  ID=MyInfo   PROGID="MSWC.MyInfo">
and delete this lines
then "unload", stop, clean cache, restart ans start like above.
It should work now

dougfosterNYCAuthor Commented:
Hopefully this will work... but what do you mean by "unloading" the web service?
type services.msc in the run dialogue
right click the IIS service and click stop
then clcik start...
Hi DougfosterNYC,

To "Unload" a web:
- click "start/programs/administrative tools/Internet Information Services
- double click your computername
- double click "Web Sites"
- right click your website
- choose "properties"
- choose "home directory"
- click "Unload"
This unloads the webapp from memory, etc.

dougfosterNYCAuthor Commented:
Hey Avidya.  I went to "home directory" tab in my website and I don't see any "unload".  I might try scanning for the <object runat....." text but do you mean in any file in the web service and not just the website itself?  
avidyaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Doug,

"Unload" resides in IIS and is only available if someone is using your website

you can start IIS by  clicking "start/programs/administrative tools/Internet Information Services

One last thing - I ran into the same problem and it was the global.asa at the root of my webserver (Inetpub), not in the virtual server / directories causing the problem. At least on WinXP SP2 with .Net 1.1 installed.

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