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What marketing company you can recommend
for site promotion -

Thank you.

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duzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Grig -

I don't agree with margant that PPC is the best option for your site at the moment. There aren't many people who know that they want a dollar bill with a picture.  There are however lots of people searching for anniversary and special occasions gifts but unless you have a wide range of products it will not pay to bring them to your site with PPC.  It is something for the future when you have more experience of your market.

Your type of business model where the product is an impulse buy, a gift and low cost is ideal for affiliate marketing and this is where you should concentrate your efforts. If you are new to the subject of affiliate marketing and affiliate programs look at this 101 and the sites of some of the more popular affiliate networks CJ, BeFree and Linkshare.

Affiliate marketing is a steep learning curve for publishers but the big secret is to have a few quality affiliates rather than hundreds of small average ones.

And one last point you will need to redesign your home page (landing page).  Although it is a good idea (for your particular product) to have the order form on the landing page it needs to be designed so that it will be completed, which yours certainly isn't! To be successful there are certain design and usability factors that are essential for mini-sites like yours such as compelling copy and easy ordering. For example one of the many important elements for a one page sales message is a an effective and eye catching headline Have someone who knows what they are doing write the copy for you and design the page (with usability in mind) around that.

- duz

I would suggest to use paid advertising services of
and/or yahoo's overture(yahoo) and looksmart (MSN)

There is some setup fee and it takes from a day to a few for the message to be approved but the results bring in a lot of guaranteed traffic with people who are interested (they clicked).


Make sure that the words you choose are right, but try to stay out of common ones since they will either be expensive or hard to find. You may get a decent per click rate for something that is relevant to your business but not as popular, maybe try
gift money, gift dollar(s), gift bill(s),  fake money (?) :)

Best of luck,
Yes and really watch out for the search engine positioning ads, it really takes a lot for a site to get a great positioning unless it is higly popular and already linked by thousands other sites, so pay-per-click is the best advertising you'll every get.

There may be some other stuff like:
Try to look around and advertise in the places related to the business, maybe some photo collection site, where people will have pics to put money on? You need the right audience, and I am sure you can think of a few sites u want to be advertised at, check with them, not all webmasters are bad people :)

-Well I hope that that helped,
Some good suggestions were already given so I won't get into details. But with the content you have, your site is not very suitable for search engine optimization. But it has a professional design, and look. So you should try and choose the best marketing solution for yourself. You can never decide before you try unless you have worked on a very similar web site project.
If you click "home page" on your demo page it takes you here: and no page found error comes up. So you can change this link.

Good luck
grigor1Author Commented:
Sorry guys, I wanted  to split points, but
"splitting" page doesn't work - it allows me to choose
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