Coldfusion MySQL Date Issue

Okay, heres all the facts to make sure things are understood. I live in Australia, so date format is dd/mm/yyyy. I ensure that the date format is dd/mm/yyyy for entry purposes, but then in the sql I enter #DateFormat(form.datefield,"yyyy-mm-d"). As long as my date is any day over 12 it puts it into the MySQL database properly. If for example, I enter 10/09/1979 (10th of September 1979) it will for some reason swap the month and the day so that its 09/10/1979 in mysql. However if I enter 25/09/1979 it enters it into the database as 25/09/1979. Any ideas? Whatever it is doing, it happens either in #Dateformat(form.datefield,"yyyy-mm-d") or in MySQL.
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pinaldaveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try this #createodbcdate(DateFormat(form.datefield,"yyyy-mm-d"))#
wulfshaydeAuthor Commented:
Okay, Ive just noticed that its the coldfusion dateformat doing it, it error'd on that and showed the date as 1979-10-09 even though I entered it in as 10/09/1979(d/mm/yyyy)
wulfshaydeAuthor Commented:
Skip it, it was something stupid. I needed to use LSDateFormat rather than DateFormat. Can I give 100 points to pinaldave for his help and have the rest of my point PAQ'd?
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Hi wulfshayde,
yes you can do this. you have to post question in the  community support
Tacobell777Connect With a Mentor Commented:
actually the best bet is to ALWAYS use createDate() it creates a date object that every function understands and no locale issues...

Where in Oz are you?
Im in Brisbane...
This will also assist you if you ever need to convert the website to use other locales, like US etc..

I am working on a HP site that needs to support multiple languages (locales) and I convert every date to a date object with createDate( year, month, day )
wulfshaydeAuthor Commented:

I am in Darwin and Working on the Perkins Shipping Intranet site. I'll check out CreateDate today, thanks for the heads up, that could save me loads of time.
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