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can't resolve website hosted off site on internal domain

I have a windows 2000 server with 25 windows xp pro clients. The dns is domain.com. Our website and email is hosted by a hosting company. We own domain.com and domain.ca We can get to the www.domain.ca address but the www.domain.com address keeps getting sent to the internal dns. Also anybody using the theirname@domain.com email address is not getting their email but if I change it to thiername@domain.ca address it comes in no problem. Is there a way to have the internal dns server to forward all www.domain.com address to our hosting company. I don't want to add an external dns server to our client machines because it slows down the logon

Any help would be appreciated
1 Solution
Have you set up host files in your internal DNS to point to the external servers?

1.  You have a zone for domain.com that is local and holds data for all machines on the LAN.  
2.  You have a hosting center that hosts DNS for domain.ca that has a zone for all machines in the hosting center.

3.  You need to add host definitions that point  mail.comain.com and www.domain.com  to the machines at the hosting center using their public IP addresses.

The easiest way to resolve this problem is to ask your hosting provider what IP www.domain.com is hosted on.  Then add an "A" record in Microsoft DNS for www.domain.com pointing to the IP.  

As for your email problems, what is your email setup like? Exchange? POP3? Internet SMTP server? Using the ISPs SMTP?
maggot210Author Commented:
The email is pop 3 using the same company that hosts our website. Will adding the A record slow down the logon speed?
The setup is that all the workstation use the internal dns and the domain controller has forwarders setup to our isp's dns
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This will not slow down your login's because during login your workstations are not looking for a www.domain.com "A" record.  The www just looks like some other machine's hostname on your network -- the workstations and servers don't even know it exists during login.
The problem is that you named your internal domain name the same as you external registered internet domain.

If you Internet domain is Jeff.com, you should name your internal domain name something different (like jeff.local, jeff.net, jeff-int.com, etc)

Anyway, because you don't want to change the name of your internal domain name, you should create a record in your local DNS to point to your web page.


Your internal DNS structure believes that it is responsible for all resolutions to jeff.com.  Therefore, when you try to lookup www.jeff.com, your local DNS says "nope, I don't know what IP WWW is in the domain jeff.com.)  Because your internal domain is called jeff.com, your internal DNS servers don't bother to forward the request to Internet DNS servers.

To fix this problem, simply create a new record in your local DNS database that points to the IP address of your web server.

1) Go into the DNS console  
2) Right Click your Forward Lookup Zone
3) Create new A-record called WWW and assign the IP address of your web server.

or you can always connect to you local web server using the IPADDRESS instead of the host name. http://xx.xx.xx.xx


You say that e-mail is not being delivered for the one domain name.  This is most likely happening because of a problem on the Internet DNS servers.  You must create an MX record on the Internet DNS server that points to your public IP for your Mail server.

You may also have to adjust your firewall to allow these mail messages to come inside to your mail server.  open port 25 to the mail server inbound.

Thank you,

Joe Poandl MCSE

maggot210Author Commented:
Thank you all for the help. Adding the A record was the ticket so I awarded Xawble the point because he/she was the first one to come up with the answer

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