Radio buttons


This seems to be a simple problem, i have 17 small groups of radio buttons (basically just yes / no or on / off) but everytime i click any radio button anywhere it unselects one from the other group.

they are all in arrays of their own named like this:



and so on...

i have looked over the properties of the buttons but cant seem to find anything, is this just going to be a case of if i put my code for what each button does they will stay or can you only use one set of option buttons per form?

any help appreciated,

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mladenoviczConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Frame or pic box works for me

select group of option buttons in IDE, then cut it, select frame control, right click and paste controls.
I think I would need to see your full code listing to figure this out. It sounds like your option groups are mixed up but thats only guessing without code
put each group in separate container (e.g frame control or picture box)
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therealj2kAuthor Commented:
i dont have any code yet, i need to know if these radio buttons will have the functionality i require.

hud_fastswitch    ☼On      ☼Off

hud_centerid       ☼On      ☼Off

i choose to have fastswitch on
then i choose centerid off

and i lose my selection for fast switch?

they are in their own arrays though

frames or picturebox didnt fix this
therealj2kAuthor Commented:
&#9788 <--- that crap was a square symbol i tried to represent radio button, my bad
therealj2kAuthor Commented:
ahhh yes thank you ¿mladenovicz¿ however u say it. i was dragging them onto a frame not cut & pasting and that made the difference. :)
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