Flash Slide Show BACK Button

This should be easy .. but I cant figure it out (vary new to flash and actionscript).

I need to implement a BACK button on a slide show BUT not one that goes back one slide.

The functionality should be to for the button to goto the last viewed slide (like a interent browser back button that goes to the last viewed page).

I am truly confused !!! - have searched all the net and found a zillion examples of a back btn to previous but not to last viewed.

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jblayneyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ok, u use         _global.current_selection

each time a MC apprears, put this code on the timeline in that frame it appears in

        _global.current_selection = "photo1";

every photo will have its own unique name (eg, photo2, photo3, ect....)

then on your back buttons

on (release) {

let me know how it works
Well Aris,
Usually a slide show goes linear, 1,2,3,4... but if you're doing something with thubnails or alike, I guess you can set a variable with a code or name of the last viewed and when the user clicks on the "back" button then it will search for it. However I need a little more information on what are you doing and how in order to help you better.


Oh, one more thing, in each frame that you add the _global.current_selection = "photo1"; and the image appears, put a flag with named "photo1", photo2, ect...
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aris_ioakimidesAuthor Commented:
Do i declare "current_selection" as a variable in some frame of the SLIDE1 of the presentation and then assign to it the value within each slide that the user "visits"?

pls advise.
tks for the help
You know what, their is a bug in my code, i just tried to build it, let me work on it and get back to u..
fixitbenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok Think I have a soulution Try this
Add this to each button that goes to a certian slide.
_global.lastVisited = _root._currentframe;
This Way it will assign the current frame number of that slide to _global.lastVisited then goto the slide selected. But make sure the _global.lastVisited = _root._currentframe;  is before the goto part.

Then on the back button have this

hope this helps

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