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Right this is a bit of a lazy shopper question...
I'm in the UK and I want a Coolermaster Wavemaster case (in plain metal)

Can anybody find a price on one cheaper than that at
I also need a windowed side-panel...

I'm awarding lots of points for this one because i need accurate answers and I need them fast, so points for speed too.
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jbedwar1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Dont believe you are going to find that particular case any cheaper.
OliWarnerAuthor Commented:
Including window and VAT overclockers charge £125

Also pionts for people that reccomend a case which is cheaper than that which i'm taken by... I look forward to seeing your results...
The reason I want this case is the complete aluminium build which is fantastic for case cooling.... I'm an avid overclocker so I need as much cooling as possibe and steel just doesnt cut it when it comes to a high powered CPU running 20% above the recommended max settings....

Added bonuses if you can help me find them cheap or built into a case:
- Air filters to stop dust getting in my case
- Better lighting systems than cold cathodes
- Good HD cooling (currently have a fan ing front of them pushing air over them)
- Good and fairly quiet fans...

The system going in this is a AMD64 3700+, 1 gig of OCZ Ram, 4-6 HDs, and 2 DVDRW drives... With an Antec Trupower PSU...

I know how to cool a system so no points for the traditional "airflow" answers...
Points will only go to people who answer any of my points or people who genuinly help me...
Ultimate_NescaFeConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I have searched like the whole net, and all I could find is 105 pound price here

and 88 ex vat

Hope this helps!
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If you want a reall cool aluminium case with good ventilation filters and alulinium + awesome look, buy this one

As I have had it for some months now and Im really satisfied with it, its light (6kg), its very, very cool and I love it!!! :)

OliWarnerAuthor Commented:
Ultimate_NescaFe: yeah similar prices on the wavemasters and i'm not too keen on those thermatakes, i've played with a few and they're just not as solid as the wavemaster...

jbedwar1: similar prices again... but thanks The komplett one woud be cheaper with shipping but they're out of stock for a little bit...

I'm looking for sub £100 prices here because it is a lot of money for a case...
Pete BarrTechnical and Cyber Security ConsultantCommented:
aye ul probably get one cheaper from  http// try it n see.
OliWarnerAuthor Commented:
Again dabs wanted 117, the others were still ~105
OliWarnerAuthor Commented:
Meh i'm just waiting to see if there are any others out there who might know a good cheap place... And people to try their go for some marks by giving suggestions for the other points i asked...
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